How Kabera Work?

Step 1


The beginning of three steps starts with a click. Simply click on the our Hair Mapping Chart and let our system know about your affected area. In no time get a report that will suggest the amount you need to spend, and the procedure time.

Step 2

Calculate your budget with Kabera, sort down the best offer from the pool and select your preferred payment option. You can even pay by Credit Card or can opt for an EMI option too. Let Kabera arrange your appointment, your doctor, your prescription and procedures. You will be notified about each and every step that is being done for you.

Talk To Doc

Step 3

Visit Kabera

The Kabera Guarantee comes with assistance. Once you opt for a procedure from Kabera, not only you will be informed about every other step, but will be guided on a regular basis. With Kabera Guarantee, your procedure and money is given the highest priority. This means, if you are unhappy from the procedure, get it done again without paying twice.


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Jyoti Singh

Thank you so much for everything you do. I will happily recommend Kabera to anyone having issues with their skin and will be sure to continue using your advice and services.

Mia Talwar

As for those annoying blood vessels on my nose, Dr Sinha zapped them away within minutes – I couldn’t believe it! With her knowledge and modern equipment, she got rid of a frustrating area of imperfection I had been covering up for months.

Jivika Aggarwal

When I met Dr Sinha, I found her filled with knowledge and confidence that I have never come across before. I have now done four treatments, and the difference from my first visit to today is beyond amazing. I highly recommend Kabera for anyone who needs excellent services as the staff is so knowledgeable, genuine, and helpful!