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Plucking, Shaving, Waxing- chills of pain might rush in your body as soon as you hear these names. No matter how much you prepare yourself before any of these processes; a second thought of quitting them comes across right before taking them. What if, you don’t have to go through these daunting processes each month? For a healthy and beautiful skin, good and disciplined skincare is essential; but if the skincare regime is not helping out then seeking help from advanced cosmetic treatment is the best alternative.

Touch-Up of Skin Smoothness at Kabera

Laser Hair Reduction procedure, unlike the traditional methods that need constant upkeep; is a permanent solution and delivers a long-lasting effect.

  • By opting for Laser hair Reduction, you get to have a permanent solution, and save a considerable time and money.
  • Kabera makes sure that only hair of the desired area is removed without damaging the underneath skin.
  • This precise method just takes a few minutes for smaller areas while the larger areas might take an hour.

Why Kabera is best in service ?
  • Painless Procedure.
  • It targets large hair areas on skin surface.
  • Reputed and trained dermatologists.
  • Client friendly staff.
  • Personalized care.

Customer Review


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Deepika Kaushal

Researching for the best clinic to get my treatment done, I finally found Kabera and its services. Dr Sharma walks her clients through the process as if they are her best friend. It’s the rare quality that I found here, and I adored it for making me feel that comfortable throughout the procdure.

Priya Bansal

The doctors and their team are well educated and knowledgeable about their services, and I love that they do all the research and explain everything to me in an excellent BIG Picture way. I am glad that I found the best doctor in the city.

Diksha Verma

I would recommend Kabera to anyone who's looking for the skin treatment. I am so pleased with the results. The clinic itself is warm, cosy and inviting.


Kabera brings you an opportunity to revive your style the way that you have always wanted. Now grow your beard the way you want to. Kabera’s Beard Hair Transplant is easy, affordable and comes with a guarantee that no other institute in India can compete. You can avail this opportunity in 3 simple steps:

Please verify procedure with OTP.