Treatment In Your City, Within Your Budget

Founded by a team of medical experts at the peak of their professional careers, KABERA brings together multi-speciality expertise with the practice of family medicine(Homeopathy) thereby offering comprehensive and convenient healthcare and dental care solutions for all age groups. Building on decades of medical and dental practice, and with insights into the current healthcare systems, KABERA is a unique proposition that addresses the gaps in them.

  • Our team of more than 100 doctors assure you an advanced accessible treatment to make you and stay you healthy.
  • Our team delivers comprehensive care to both men and women with clinical expertise.
  • Our doctors don’t practice here, they deliver the highest quality care every single time you come to us.
  • We care for your health so compassionately that makes you feel at home.

The team at KABERA is a powerhouse of medical and dental expertise and family healthcare, enabling us to diagnose, treat and care for the health concerns of the entire family. We are committed to ensure that our outpatient clinic focuses on delivering a hassle-free patient experience. This means minimal waiting time for appointments, ethical practices in dealing with every patient and a customer-centric approach that strives to make the healthcare experience as comforting as possible. Systematic diagnostic processes at our advanced and comprehensive diagnostic centre ensure that all the reports are crosschecked. The multi-speciality mode of practice at KABERA encourages collaborative medical and dental care promoting a holistic healthcare atmosphere that is welcoming and soothing, especially from a family healthcare perspective.


Our Approach To Healthcare

We understand healthcare goes beyond signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. It’s about the deep connection between doctors and patients that leads to continuous care and sustained, better outcomes.
Kabera works on trust. We are aware of the responsibility placed on us by 10,0000 + patients and over thousands of doctors. We always have and always will do everything we possibly can to uphold this trust.
We believe in full disclosure. We believe in communicating openly and honestly, and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.
1. Hassle-Free Insurance Claim

KABERA works with major health insurance providers, which allows thousands of it’s customers to use the services at lower rates. With an option to pay the premium every month, you don’t have to compromise with your health, as with KABERA you can now pay for health insurance even with limited monthly pension or income without financial burden.

2. Health Coverage with Easy EMI

With KABERA’s advancement in medical technology, the cost of surgical and non- surgical treatment is now affordable. Our easy EMI premium payment, is easier to financially cover all your medical expenses with a health insurance policy.

3. Pick and Drop Service

Thousands of patients look to us to address their healthcare needs, from the simple to most complex- anytime, anywhere. Hence, we at KABERA are committed to provide complimentary Pick up/ Drop Facility to patients undergoing a surgical process or treatment with confidence.

4. Compassionate Care Assistance

At KABERA, we make sure your treatment process is as easy as possible. Hence a service of a representative will be appointed to you throughout the patient’s stay at the clinic. In fact, He/she will enable you to plan your OPD and guide you to reach the finest surgeon to your needs.

Covid-19 Care

At KABERA GLOBAL, the safety of our patients, doctors, staff, and the community has always been our top-most priority.
During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to assure you that we are following all the necessary precautions and adhering to the highest infection control guidelines; which are at par with international standards. As responsible dental care providers, we continue to care for our patients while maintaining strict COVID-19 screening and sterilization protocols.
Along with the best clinical practices, additional state-of-the-art technology and medical-grade equipment is being used to safeguard your health. Our measures include:

  • Doctors and assistants are required to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.
  • All doctors and staff members are screened and their temperatures are recorded at the beginning of the workday. The temperature of every patient is taken at the time of entry.
  • Strict sterilization of all instruments and disinfection of the dental operatory is done after each patient visit.
  • UVC (Ultraviolet-C) light is used to effectively sanitize the air, surfaces, and equipment in-between patient visits. The UV light is effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses.
  • Defoggers are in place that disinfect rooms between two patient visits.
  • Pulse Oximeter is used to measure the blood oxygen saturation of team members and patients.