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Botox and Fillers with Kabera

As you age, not just your body experience changes, so does your skin. Furthermore, did you know- the simple act of living or just your expressions can also lead to changes to your appearance in bits and pieces. Frowning, smiling and even laughing can be factors causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear. As you age, these fine lines are responsible for sagging skin.

Don’t let your beauty spots- jaw line and cheekbones fade away. There’s absolutely no need to go through the painful knife procedures.

Lighthouse of your Skin-Kabera

Botox and Fillers are the injectables that refine the fine lines by restoring the appearance, and replenishing the lost volume; so that you have a radiant skin. These two procedures are effective and provide long-lasting effects, so don’t wait and toss the piled up anti-aging serums, creams and packs.
Check out Kabera’s skin treatment solutions that can make you look more youthful:

  • Boost the lost volume in your cheeks and lips; thereby restoring the glow and shine, which was suppressed by a thin and shallow skin.
  • Combat the hallow, dark circles and replenish them by hydrating and stimulating new collagen production in the face.
  • The professionals make sure that you get the desired results; accompanied with Kabera Guarantee and Care!

Customer Review


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Mahira Ali

Thank you, Maya and Ashley, for perfecting my skin and thank you, Shelley, for always making sure I book my appointments. It’s the best clinic that I found in the city at the right time.

Amanvir Kaur

So worth the treatment! I highly recommend Dr Singh and her team! Professional, Knowledgeable and a very comfortable atmosphere.

Anjali Kaudyal

Doctors did an outstanding job. Their steady hands and effective treatment make them the best in the area.


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Please verify procedure with OTP.