Paediatric Orthopedic

Together, they pioneer treatments for a range of problems, from more routine issues such as flat foot, to complex issues such as scoliosis. Supported by a multidisciplinary team of orthotists, neurologists, therapists and specialist nurses, they create a friendly and welcoming environment and provide the highest standard of treatment.

1. Scoliosis

KABERA specialist Children and Adolescent's Scoliosis Service is available to treat all young people with this spinal condition.

2. Knee and Ligament

KABERA specializes in delivering treatment to children of all ages with knee and ligament injuries and we have a number of world-renowened consultants with specialist expertise in this area.

3. Hip and Pelvis

Our leading paediatric hip and pelvis specialists treat conditions such as developmental dysplasia of the hip (dislocation), and Perthes disease.

4. Foot and Ankle

KABERA’s paediatric surgeons offer corrective procedures to young people with congenital (present at birth) defects, including club foot, flat feet and intoeing.

5. Shoulder and Elbow

Our dedicated paediatric shoulder and elbow specialists deliver expert care to children and adolescents with upper limb problems.

6. Hand and Wrist

Paediatric orthopaedic specialists at KABERA are able to diagnose and treat any hand or wrist injury your child may experience, either from birth or direct injury.

7. Limb Reconstruction

Children may experience limb deformity from birth or as a result of trauma. We offer lengthening and reconstruction procedures to correct this.

8. Fractures and Sports Injuries

Fractures are very common in young children. Our dedicated HCA UK orthopaedic specialists can treat these and other related sports injuries.

9. Cerebral Palsy

We can treat congenital muscle and brain injuries such as cerebral palsy with pioneering treatments, including selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR).

10. Spina Bifida

Spina bifida and other injuries such as tethered cord are congenital spinal defects, which will often require surgery to aid your child's physical development.

Why KABERA for
Paediatric Orthopedic Treatment ?

We offer all aspects of medical care, from a simple tonsil operation to complex surgery. Our consultants are drawn from leading hospitals and our technology and facilities are cutting-edge. We provide surgical and nonsurgical treatment for children who are suffering from musculoskeletal problems. We are professionals at helping your child and can help to provide guidance, information and treatment to support your child to get better, or to help manage their condition.

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