LASIK Laser Eye Treatment

LASIK Laser eye surgery is a popular type of operation that restores eyesight. If people who are sick of their glasses and contact lenses seek out LASIK surgery, then that means they are seeking an alternative to it.
A person who has refractive error has a deformity in their eye. The irregular cornea shape means that light refracts improperly, making it difficult for the retina to collect the light. As a result, blurry vision occurs. In LASIK eye surgery, the cornea is reshaped to allow for proper refraction of light.

Standard LASIK

Standard LASIK surgery is a process that uses advance procedure to reshape the cornea to correct the eye’s refractive defect. Diagnostic tests tell how much reshaping is needed before the procedure.


Anaesthetic eye-drops are administered prior to treatment to ensure that the treatment is pain-free. A flap is prepared as part of the LASIK operation while the anaesthetic is having its effect. The objective is to direct the laser beam so that it perfectly matches the shape of the cornea, just as it does for eyes with perfect vision. Fine cuts are made to the middle layer of the cornea to effect the change in focal point. This results in better eyesight, which means a better quality of life.

Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK combines modern technology with wavefront- guided to measure the unique optical properties of one's eyes to guide laser correction during the LASIK surgery. The technology is intended to minimize high-order optical aberrations in one's eyes and improve post surgery visual quality. In combination with any kind of laser vision correction, custom therapy can be done.


In this advanced treatment the wavefront analyzer employed with customized LASIK provides the physician entirely new levels of understanding and accuracy. This treatment has a considerable effect on visual quality and eliminates the glare and halos problem throughout the night. Pre-operative testing is essential for topography, Aberrometry and Pachymetry.


Why Kabera for
LASIK Laser Surgery?

The most famous type of laser eye surgery is LASIK eye surgery. Our skilled ophthalmologists here at KABERA use the state-of-the-art equipment to assure and secure, accurate LASIK procedure with quick recovery and improved results.

We are proud of our dedication to each patient and, therefore, our consultants are supported by specialized teams with years of field expertise, who ensure that you are treated well and receive the highest levels of care before, during and after the procedure.

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