Knee Replacement

Also referred as Knee arthroplasty, Knee replacement is a procedure that helps alleviate pain and restore function in severely impacted knee joints. The procedure involves the removal of the diseased bone and cartilage and then the replacement of an artificial joint. The joint may consist of metal alloys, polymers or polyethylene. Installed in the prosthetic joint, the original joint functions. At KABERA, our expert diagnosis and provide comprehensive treatment for bone, and joint disorders. Our experienced team of orthopedic doctors is specialized in Knee replacement procedure such as Robotic Knee Replacement.

Knee Replacement at KABERA

1. Total Knee Replacement Surgery

In a majority of total knee replacement surgeries, the surgeon attempts to substitute the joint surface at the top of the shinbone and the end of the thighbone. The diseased cartilage is also eliminated. Then the prosthesis (artificial implant) comes as a substitution of the damaged bone. It may also involve replacing the kneecap with a plastic dome. This procedure stands as a traditional method to fix the problem of a damaged knee.

2. Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

In this kind of surgery, the knee replacement surgeon replaces only one part of the knee. This is done to conserve as much soft tissue and healthy bone as possible. Those who experience conditions like osteoarthritis in only one part of the knee can deal with partial replacement. The damaged area gets replaced with a prosthesis and the rest of the knee is preserved.

3. Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

Many people don’t know that there’s an age for knee replacement surgery. This means the replacement knee can wear out and may call for a second knee replacement. This is what we call revision replacement surgery. The implants used as a substitution in the operation can last for around 20-25 years. After that, they need to be replaced. The likelihood increases if a person is obese or dedicated to heavy manual work.

Why Knee Replacement

KABERA has a reputed name especially in the sector of orthopedic. However, you can find the presence of several other medical facilities under our name. In the interests of quality control, we only use technicians who are committed to providing excellent outcomes.

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