Dentures or false teeth is a type of dental prosthesis for people who miss one, some or all of their teeth. A missing tooth can have adverse effects on one's overall health if untreated, as well as on one's appearance. As the result of tooth loss, at KABERA our professionals thus offer a wide variety of dentures, including partial dentures, full dentures, and dentures that substitute all or some of your missing teeth, to help halt the tooth loss progression. Our dentures are gender-specific and are constructed with the latest technology. Whether your denture is made of gum-colored plastic or biocompatible metal alloy, be sure it is impact resistant and fits well.

Denture Treatment at KABERA
1. Full Dentures

A full denture is placed in the mouth approximately 8 to 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed and the gum tissues has healed because the dentures may fall out during this time if the gums are weak. Permanent dentures will be adjusted several times before finding the perfect fit.

2. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures usually are made up of one or more replacement teeth, which are connected to a gum-colored or pink plastic base with a metal framework to keep the denture in place in the mouth.

Step 1: During the first appointment, we’ll take impressions of your mouth to create models that could easily fit without causing any trouble.

Step 2: During the second appointment, our dentist will inspect your jaw and teeth to find out if they fit together.

Step 3: During your third visit, our dentist will help you try a wax denture from laboratory and evaluate how it looks and fit.

Step 4: During the last appointment, you'll receive the final denture that would exactly fit your mouth with ease.


Why Kabera for
Denture Treatment?

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