Smile Makeover

The full smile makeover usually consists of a combination of whitening your natural teeth, and the placement of porcelain veneers to hide imperfections and enhance your smile. For perfection we usually recommend veneers for the visible teeth you show when you smile, this is normally 8 to 10 top and bottom teeth. At KABERA, we specialize enhancing, restoring and correcting your smile. Most people have a good idea of what they don’t like about their own smile, whether it’s crooked teeth, gaps, missing teeth, old crowns or maybe just discoloration.

Smile Makeover Treatment at KABERA

Smile makeovers (teeth makeover) can fix a wide scope of aesthetic flaws. These issues include:

  • Discolouration of the teeth
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Disintegrated, twisted, or excessively measured teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Somewhat crooked teeth
  • “Gummy” smiles
  • A lopsided gum line
  • Existing Dental Issues

1. Smile Simulation

When your teeth have been carefully examined, the dentist will digitally take a picture and then use the latest computer imaging software to manipulate the image, creating a personal simulation of your proposed treatment so you can visualize the new appearance.

2. 3D Smile Prototype

We are now under the process to create a new smile. Your digital smile design is then sent to our dental technicians, who create a 3D smile simulation from it. This allows us to view your smile from various angles in detail.

3. Temporary Teeth

Provisional temporary teeth will be fitted as soon as your teeth are precisely prepared and shaped to exact measures. You will be able to find out whether you want any changes, and gather feedback from your friends and family during this “test run.”

4. The Final Veneers

And finally, high-quality porcelain veneers are created from the “trial smile”. Finally, each of our crowns are handcrafted by our master technicians, with the natural- looking details, shape, and texture of real teeth.


Why KABERA for
Smile Makeover?

We are committed to adopting state-of-the-art technology and for our team to remain one step ahead. At KABERA, we live and breathe digital dentistry. It's this rich experience that makes our clinic so unique. We're raising standards every day.
We have a purpose built facility, centred around the delivery of digital dentistry. This approach ensures our patients are involved as much as possible in their smile journey.

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