Cosmetic Hair Fusion with Kabera

How do you get hair in a matter of seconds? No, a magic cannot do that and it even does…. It will be temporary. Cosmetic hair Fusion is the scientific name for this miracle. You will be shocked to know that this procedure has been in the practice for more than 45 years and there is a list of millions of clients and celebrities. The list includes Sports person, Hollywood stars, Bollywood celebs, Models, Politicians, and people who believe in looking good is as important as keeping up with your health. Hair Fusion is a procedure where the human hair is obtained from the donors that can be worn as wigs to replenish the thinning hair and balding areas. With this procedure you get to cover up the bald spots that affect your personality, that you were not born with.

USP of Kabera's Cosmetic Hair Fusion?

In every way, it is better than a surgery. It is non-invasive; it sticks to your body like it’s a part of your body. You can brush your hair, style them the way you want, go dive in the summer pools and sweat out in gym like Rambo. Let us take care of you, rather you taking care of your hair because with Kabera, Jiyo Umarless.

  • Human Virgin Hair is being used only by us in India.
  • The kind of skins we use are not being used by anybody else in India.
  • Hair are being injected, infused and not weaved. That means the hair has a nice bounce.
  • Creating density is a job of a craftsmanship which our lab does that suits the client.
  • We are the only company who can reverse the cycle of male pattern baldness with multiple stage Cosmetic Hair Fusion.
  • Grip Strip is our technology which gives you a fearless lifestyle without disturbing an individuals lifestyle.
  • Our hair experts are professionals who do best of their jobs in the industry.
  • When you become a client of Kabera Global, you become a client of Kabera Global India and not just your city.
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Customer Review


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Basant Singh

If Procedures go by quality, Kabera stands out. If hospitality goes by quality, Kabera stands out. I am blessed that I found it exactly in the time of my need. Thank you, Doctors.


I love Kabera! Its quality of work speaks for itself. My life got changed entirely after my treatment. I gained my confidence back.

Rohan Thakur

I got excellent results from Kabera. I am thankful to them for this.


Kabera brings you an opportunity to revive your style the way that you have always wanted. Now style the way you ever wanted. Kabera’s CHF is easy, affordable and comes with a guarantee that no other institute in India can compete. You can avail this opportunity in 3 simple steps:

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