Kabera Global is the well known name in the field of Hair Transplant & Skin Surgeries. Our team of highly qualified & our specialized experts Doctors provide our clients the latest FUE hair transplant & skin treatments at an very affordable cost on your convenient location. Kabera Having its own Hair Transplant clinics in various cities in india.

Hair Transplant

Healthy dense hair growth is a desire for everyone- men and women. However, with passing time and gradual ageing, thinning hairlines, balding or frequent heavy hair loss can be a cause of concern. The cause of hair loss may vary from one person to another but some common reasons

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses monochromatic light emissions from a low power laser. It is used to treat many conditions including chronic and degenerative conditions as well as musculoskeletal injuries. This technology enhances the body's natural process for healing.

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Beard Transplant

Facial hair and beard has become a sort of global craze in our times which helps to explain the growing popularity of beard transplant. Rather than going for a clean shaven look more and more men are opting for a rough masculine look emphasized by the presence

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Anti Ageing

No one can ever escape aging but everyone can possibly hide his or her real age! What will be the value of medical innovations, especially in the field of cosmetics, and all those latest technological innovations if we will not take it for our own advantage and get

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Scar, Stretch Marks

Scar stretch marks are thin, narrow channels or grooves, or thin bands or lines more especially when almost all of them are close or parallel to each other. These are also known as striae which are skin scars of off-hue color. If you have these, they might diminish after

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Body Sculpting

There are various ways for you to attain body sculpting. The term could mean different things depending on whom you are talking to, but the consensus is that body sculpting is any kind of treatment or exercise that works to improve your figure.

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Our Doctors

Dr. Sonia is a dermotologist, Who is having an expert hand in all type of hair, skin & laser treatments.

Dr. Sonia


Dr. Ajay is having 7+ years of experiance and presently working as a Hair Transplantation expert for Kabera Global

Dr. Ajay


Dr. Vikas is MBBS Doctor. He is well expert inhis work and haing 100% successful transplantation.

Dr. Vikas


Dr. Savia is expert for all type of hair and skin treatment. She is having 4+ years of experiance and presently serving for the Kabera's clients

Dr. Savia


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Kabera Global are one of the world's leading marketers of cosmetic surgery. Kabera strive to connect clients around the world with the doctor or specialist that is best suited to them and help clients make a booking. Kabera is a fabulous resource for hair loss information and clinics which provide permanent solutions to baldness.

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