Hair Regrowth Serum

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  • Hair Regrowth Serum comes with an added advantage of 1%Procapil (i.e 2ppm biotinyl-GHK) that strengthens the scalp to hold voluminous hair. 1% Procapil provides relatively superior hair growth than hair fall control upon increasing the concentration.
  • Improves blood circulation in affected areas of the scalp and strengthens hair roots.
  • Developed from 100% wild-crafted botanicals or ingredients that do not cause any harm to delicate scalp and hair.
  • Free from unnecessary chemicals, parabens, fillers and additives.
  • It has anti-greying properties that help in the prevention of premature hair greying and provides comfort along with providing relaxation to the itchy scalp.
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Style: Hair Regrowth Serum | Pattern: Hair Regrowth Serum

  • Alopecia is a common hair condition predominantly seen in males that may lead them to baldness. To avoid such conditions, they make use of countless products unknowingly for which they bear consequences in the long run.
  • Hair Regrowth Serum is a time tested and reliable product with an added benefit of 1% Procapil (I.e 2ppm biotinyl-GHK) using 5 alpha-reductase enzymes through the main bloodstream that aims to slow down the secretion of dihydrotestosterone hormone that shrinks hair follicles and contributes in premature ageing of hair that subsequently leads to persistent hair-fall. Dihydrotestosterone affects hair follicles by atrophying as per an advanced hypothesis made by (SAWAYA et al....2001) using Pro-apoptotic mechanism.
  • Secondly, 1% Procapil helps to enhance blood supply in affected areas of the scalp where a person experiences hair fall. Originally, Minoxidil was used as an anti-hypertensive medicine till the time medical experts realized it’s significance in fresh hair growth as a side-effect. Procapil enriched with Minoxidil offers superior outcome to the users.
  • Minoxidil shows pre-differentiating effect besides hyper-proliferative effect at higher concentration. It affects people if used for a longer duration.


Clinical Evidence on the efficacy of Hair Regrowth Serum:

In Vitro Studies:

  • BIOALTERNATIVES STUDY - Study of peptide biotinyl-GHK on ruptured hair follicles.
  • Anti-Ageing Study of hair follicles (BIO-EC Study) - With 2ppm biotinyl-GHK (I.e 1% Procapil), superior hair growth was observed than controlling hair fall. Similarly, minoxidil 2ppm (10 µM) along with 5ppm biotinyl-GHK (I.e 2.5% Procapil) when given in combination, relatively superior hair growth 121% was seen than hair fall control.
  • Gene Activation Study by PROCAPIL.

In Vivo Studies:

4-months placebo-controlled clinical trial:

Out of 35 participants included in a clinical study, 17 participants were given a placebo while the remaining were allocated 1% Procapil. Subject allocation to placebo and Procapil group was randomized. At the end of the clinical trial, the researchers concluded that 1% of PROCAPIL was well tolerated by the volunteers after using it for 4 months.


PROCAPIL is a scientifically proven and effective Anti-Hair Loss formula that works on three phenomena responsible for causing hair loss.

  • Inadequate blood supply.
  • The 5ɑ-reductase enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT.
  • Failing hair anchorage in the dermal papilla.