Thickening Hair-Tonic

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  • Stimulates blood circulation in affected hair follicles and helps promote hair regrowth.
  • Acts as a lubricating agent that helps to moisturize rough and dry hair.
  • Protects scalp from irritation due to inflammation.
  • Cleanses oily hair from roots to tip.
  • Repairs damaged hair strands.
  • Promotes healthy growth of hair.
  • Makes it easy to style your hair. 
  • Suitable for both males and females.
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Toniq for Hair Thickening 100 ml

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Style: Thickening Hair-Tonic | Pattern: Thickening Hair-Tonic


  • Stimulates hair growth: Aloe Vera increases blood circulation to the affected area of the scalp which is the reason why our Hair Studio 6’s Aloe Vera tonic is unique. In addition to stimulate hair growth, it also acts as a conditioning agent that prevents hair breakage and hair fall.
  • Revitalizes and strengthens hair strands: Aloe Vera contained in Aloe Vera tonic is packed with essential vitamins, such as vitamin A, C and E and other nutrients. These vitamins promotes healthy growth of cells. Moreover, folic acid and vitamin B12 prevent hair fall. 
  • Soothes itchy and irritated scalp: Sebborrheic Dermatitis is a medical term used for dandruff. Primary symptoms include flaky skin and inflamed scalp which can only be treated using Aloe Vera tonic.

Clinical Evidence on the efficacy of Thickening Hair Tonic:

A study was conducted in 1998 according to which Aloe Vera helps to reduce scalp inflammation caused due to dandruff. Aloe Vera plant contains fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe Vera is a popular ingredient used by people even after sun exposure. This is because of its cooling properties and collagen content. Vitamins contained in Aloe Vera herb may work to protect your hair from sun, too.

Many people claim that Aloe Vera stimulates hair growth, but there is little clinical evidence in support of this proclamation.

Aloe Vera tonic is a great way to get healthy, shiny and thick hair.