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Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Times change and so has the fashion world. At one point, it was considered glamorous to pluck the life out the eyebrows by the fashion-conscious ladies. Pamela Anderson's thin brows were the talk of the town and everyone wanted to be like her. Today, it is the bold brows that rock every fashion street. Eyebrows shape the whole face. They can instantly make the face appear more lifted and attractive. Hence, it is not surprising for both men and women to desire strong brows for a confident and bold look.

Kabera Global eyebrow hair transplant clinic offers safe and affordable eyebrow transplant and eyebrow restoration treatments for people who want to fix their thinning, scarce or missing eyebrows. We provide this treatment at our more than 21 clinics spread across India. We understand the need of people to feel confident.

So what causes problematic brows?

  • Our health and lifestyle choices have a major impact in determining hair thinning and balding. Decreased intake of healthy food leads to deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B12 deficiency especially can lead to hair fall in the overall body.
  • With age comes hair fall and drooping eyebrows. This condition is called brow ptosis. Repositioning of the brows can be done according to the wish of the patient with eyebrow restoration.
  • Over-plucking the eyebrows with tweezers or thread can sometimes lead to complete loss of brow hairs.
  • Eyebrows are the most common site for trichotillomania. It is a hair-pulling disorder leaving bald spotty patches on the eyebrow. Eyebrow hair transplant can really help such people to help even out the brows.
  • Other than that genes and hormonal imbalance also have a role to play in unhealthy brows.

Eyebrow Restoration

Transplantation is the process of grafting hair follicle on a thinning or bald brow. Eyebrow restoration, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure for repositioning the eyebrows. Brow ptosis, as explained above, happens after a certain age to almost everyone. It may even cause you to look more than you actually are. Don't let the tag of an 'oldie' bother you.

Eyebrow Transplant Clinic

Kabera Global is a renowned name in the field of hair and skin treatments with best and up-to-date technology. Eyebrow transplant clinics are spread pan India and every Kabera Global clinic is proud to provide you with hygienic and comfortable services to get your permanent perfect eyebrows. You can easily book an appointment online.

To enquire, call us at (+91) 98880 99906 or mail us at info@kaberaglobal.com.

Eyebrow Transplant Cost In India

Eyebrow transplant costs vary depending on the degree of balding, the number of grafts required, the location of the clinic and expertise of the surgeon. Don't get bamboozled by cheap transplant clinics that not only burn a hole in your pocket but also give embarrassing results. Know for certain, you will get the best services with an affordable cost at Kabera eyebrow transplant clinic. First, check out our clinics and services with a free consultation from our experts to fix your eyebrows.

Benefits And Precautions Of Eyebrow Transplant

The main benefit of this procedure is that the donor for your transplant is you yourself. Hence you need not worry about any allergic reactions, rejection by your body or any chemical action on your face. The transplanted hair that grows on the eyebrows are permanent. Do whatever you want with your new brows, color it-shave it-shape it, and they will grow right back. Get freedom from regular threading bills as your eyebrow transplants will be shaped according to your desire. Confidently flaunt your effortlessly perfect brows.

To get the perfect brows, it is important to take care of them in the resting phase and take adequate precautions. Make sure to avoid all sorts of intoxicants and smoking before and after the surgery. Also, avoid sudden shocks to the head and the forehead after the surgery. It is advised to stay away from direct sunlight. Therefore, a scarf can be really helpful while going outside.

Pre And Post Operative Care


  • Do not consume aspirin, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, or any multivitamins before your surgery
  • Do not consume blood thinning food items ex. ginger, cinnamon, cayenne
  • Avoid smoking and intoxicants both before and after the surgery
  • Have a light breakfast on the day of the surgery and avoid caffeinated items


  • Take Vitamin C and Vitamin K supplements for speedy recovery.
  • Drink plenty of water after the surgery to avoid irritated dry skin.
  • Avoid swimming and heavy exercises to avoid any infection from sweat.
  • Completely avoid scratching the face, especially the area near and around the eyebrows.

More instructions will be provided to you by the medical staff according to your condition and surgery. Our team will take full care of you during the entire process. We will keep in touch with you every day after the treatment initially. Weekly and monthly checks will be done for regular assessment of your condition.