In the contemporary world of commerce, EMI Option or the Estimated Monthly Installment is a very common term. To explain it in a casual manner, it helps the consumer to purchase a product and start using it immediately, but pay for it in parts over an extended period of time in the future. Almost all manufacturers and credit card companies offer this option of payment to attract shoppers. Under this scheme, the total amount to be paid is divided into parts and the purchaser has to pay each part or installment at a specified date each month. The installments constitute both parts of the principal amount as well as a certain amount of interest on it. Ideally the share of the principal is lesser than the interest part in initial installments. The rate of the interest gradually decreases over the period. The rate of the interest is determined according to the original amount to be paid and the duration fixed for the payment. The installment on the other hand is calculated on the basis of factors such as the principal amount, tenure duration, rate of interest, and processing fee (if necessary).

Benefits of the monthly installment scheme include:

Increased purchasing power

It gives you the power to buy a product which you would not be able to buy on normal circumstances. It has led to a certain democratization of the market in recent times when people with insufficient incomes can also buy luxurious items or services. It has been extremely beneficial for the consumerist desires of the middle-class, common man who doesnt have to worry about the total price at the time of purchase.

Increased affordability

It has made possible for a purchaser with low income to attain certain comforts and luxuries in life or posses certain products which are otherwise high priced for his standards. The monthly installment payment scheme thus helps him to buy expensive items such as a car, a house, or costly electronic equipments and home appliances.

No extra pressure on your wallet

As the payment is to be made in fixed installments spread across months or years, it does not add an extra load to your regular monthly expenses. You can pay a minimal amount for your product each month without ever compromising with the normal household budget. The scheme offers a flexible system of repayment whereby the purchasers are free to decide the amount of monthly installments according to their respective incomes and specific financial conditions.

Increased purchasing power

The installments are to be paid directly to the lender or the seller company and therefore the process is completely free from any interference by the middleman. roduct purchased under the scheme can very well be seized or other legal actions be taken against the defaulter.

However, before you opt for an EMI Option of payment for your purchase, you must consider the details of the offer carefully.

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