Moustache Hair Transplant Kabera


A moustache to a man is the same as a fringe to a woman. From Hitler to Shikhar Dhawan, moustache adds an identity to the personality of a man. An outline of their moustaches and one is sure to recognize them. You too would have wanted to flaunt your twirlies. But are you suffering from thinning, patchy or balding moustaches? If so, then a moustache hair transplant is a perfect solution for you. Style your moustache into handlebars, cowboy, dali or chevron. Or maybe just keep it simple with a dense stubble. Moustache hair transplant helps you attain permanent moustaches shaped according to your choice. It has helped men bring back their lost confidence with their macho looks.

Moustache transplant is also opted by men who suffer from cleft lip or a surgery mark. Cleft lip is a type of birth defect where the upper lip splits and the opening may extend till the nose. The cleft lip can be successfully treated by a surgery. In such a case, the muscle tissue beneath gets affected causing loss of moustache. Other than that, men suffering from alopecia areata or hormonal problems also have troubled moustache hair growth.


A botched surgery can lead to lifelong regret and embarrassment. Hence, it is important to choose the hair transplant clinic wisely. One should always look for the before and after results, usually available on the website. Visit Kabera Global for a free consultation to be a better judge in choosing the right moustache hair transplant clinic.

Kabera Global, a prestigious name in the field of facial hair transplant, consists of a team of supremely qualified and experienced medical staff. With its pan India presence, we are proud of all the 21+ clinics which provide quality services at the most cost-effective price. Nowadays, any surgeon with a degree can perform hair transplant surgery but it requires years of experience to provide full satisfaction to the clients. The surgeon should have an artistic understanding of hair growth like the angle at which they grow, the density of hair, formation of the proper hairline, all this and more. This is what distinguishes Kabera Global from other moustache transplant clinics. Surgeries are performed by professionals who understand the personal value associated with cosmetic treatments.

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Moustache hair transplant costs depend mainly on the number of grafts needed and the technology used. Other factors like the experience of the surgeon, the location of the clinic and medicine costs can also affect the overall cost. One should not be blinded by cheap discounts leaving you with nothing but embarrassing results. Thorough research and consultations will help you determine the optimum cost.

Hair transplant surgery at Kabera Global will help you in getting those perfect moustaches at the most genuine costs. With hygienic clinics and latest technology at your disposal, be rest assured you will get the best value for your money.


Moustache hair transplant treatment, like any other surgical procedure, needs proper care and attention both before and after the procedure.


Pre-operative care is as much important as the post-operative care. You should darken any gray hair 3 days before the surgery for better visibility to the surgeon. You should make sure to avoid any type of blood thinning food items like ginger, cayenne, etc. The blood thinners cause increased blood loss during the procedure. One should avoid aspirin, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, or any multivitamins before your surgery. Steer clear of intoxicants and smoking both before and after the surgery.


Though moustache transplant surgery is not a major surgery, however, some precautions and instructions should be followed religiously for the best possible results. First and foremost, the face should be protected from scratching, tugging and hitting. The operated area will be sensitive and hence the area should not be touched. Apart from that, you should start shaving your moustaches only after a period of 2 weeks.

All the other specific instructions and medicines will be prescribed to you by the trichologist. You must also take all the medicines on time and report any type of discomfort to the clinic immediately. Here at Kabera, we initially keep in touch with you every day following the surgery and then weekly and monthly follow-ups after.