Want younger looking skin? If you have tried creams and lotions and still want better looking skin, try mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is non surgical procedure for skin rejuvenation that can make your skin fresh and young. It involves injecting Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins and antioxidants directly under the skin or the mesoderm, which is the name for the middle layer of the skin. The injected substances rejuvenate the skin by encouraging collagen and elastin production.

Mesotherapy treatment is very useful in improving the skin on the face, neck and under the eyes. People who have undergone the treatment report that the skin becomes radiant, firm and glowing after undertaking it. A useful method of body contouring and rejuvenation of the face and neck, mesotherapy is also used for treatment of alopecia. It results in hair re-growth for people who have lost hair since the injections revitalise the scalp skin improve blood circulation.

Procedure of mesotherapy

Mesoderm is the layer of fat and tissue just under the skin. The mesotherapy procedure consists of administering injections of medicines and vitamins into the mesoderm using very fine needles. Sometimes a mechanical gun is used for the injections. Several sessions at intervals will be needed. Enzymes, collagens, hormones and skin-rejuvenating herbal extracts can also be injected. The medicines injected will vary according to the needs of individual patients.

Mesotherapy is generally painless because a local anesthetic is used before the injection. It does not cause scarring except for a little irritation and swelling after the injection. It does not take much time, and the recovery time is also little, so it does not disturb the patient’s schedule.

The mesotherapy procedure has been used in France for many years. Generally 2-4 injections are administered after 2 to 4 weeks each, but these could be increased depending on the requirements of the patient.

Mesotherapy can result in improvement of facial features which can be contoured with this procedure. It is effective and one of the most common applications of the mesotherapy treatments.

For hair loss or alopecia, herbal extracts or medicines like minoxidil and finasteride are injected into the scalp. These help in improving the blood circulation in the scalp, providing nutrients to hair follicles, resulting in hair re-growth. Several sessions may be required for treatment, but it is an easy and non-invasive method requiring little recovery time, so it is preferred over other techniques.

Advantages of mesotherapy

The treatment helps in reduction of wrinkles and fine lines that form on the face due to aging. It also lightens the skin. The results of the treatment are permanent. The skin gets a much younger look after treatment, as it appears hydrated, radiant, glowing and firm after the treatment.

Mesotherapy is helpful in the following conditions:

  • ·         Skin rejuvenation, improving firmness and elasticity of the skin

  • ·         Improvement in the complexion and radiance, reduces unwanted pigmentation

  • ·         Wrinkles removal

  • ·         Improves tone and elasticity of the skin

  • ·         Restores loss of glow and restores dull skin

  • ·         Hair thinning

  • ·         Stretch marks

Some ingredients can control pigment production, hence solving the marks of acne, sunspots and sunburn. It can help in reducing skin marks and scars. The injected antioxidants and amino acids heal the skin.

For young patients who want to improve their looks, mesotherapy is very useful and a better alternative to Botox. However, a small amount of Botox to the injections can be added for long lasting effects. It is a way to maintain young healthy skin. Injections of Vitamins C, E and antioxidants help to protect the skin from UV rays.

Another advantage of mesotherapy is that the results become visible quickly. Hyaluronic acid attracts water and immediately adds volume to sunken cheeks, while the skin looks smooth and young. The process usually causes no pain.

Duration of mesotheraphy

Mesotherapy requires 2-10 session