What is Cosmetic Hair Fusion?

It’s the world’s most sophisticated and amazing non surgical procedure giving you hair on every sq. cm. of your scalp with density without any if or buts. This procedure is been performed worldwide for more than 45 years and it’s been performed on more than a million clients including Celebrities like Sports Stars, Hollywood, Bollywood, Politicians & Models. Faster Visible Results than surgery, high-quality, non-surgical hair restoration process re-creates the look and feel of your own natural hair. You can brush your hair, style your hair, swim with it, gym with it, and even get sand in your hair.

Who Need Cosmetic Hair Fusion?


How we do the procedure?

  • 1. Take a Hair Sample of the client.
  • 2. Make a template of the clients scalp.
  • 3. Click pictures from 5 angles. (Front, Back, Both Sides & Top)
  • 4. Then it is been sent to our R&D Department. Where they match the hair sample with 100% identical Human Virgin Hair.
  • 5. Once the Hair Sample is been matched then it is been injected individually on our Specially Formulated Skin.
  • 6. The total time taken from the date of sending the courier to the R&D Department and receiving it back in India is 3 to 3.5 months.

USP's of Cosmetic Hair Fusion

  1. Human Virgin Hair is being used only by us in India.
  2. The kind of skins we use are not being used by anybody else in India.
  3. Hair are being injected, infused and not weaved. That means the hair has a nice bounce.
  4. Creating density is a job of a craftsmanship which our lab does that suits the client.
  5. We are the only company who can reverse the cycle of male pattern baldness with multiple stage Cosmetic Hair Fusion.
  6. Grip Strip is our technology which gives you a fearless lifestyle without disturbing an individuals lifestyle.
  7. Our hair experts are professionals who do best of their jobs in the industry.
  8. When you become a client of Kabera Global, you become a client of Kabera Global india and not just your city.