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Worried about bald headedness or lackluster skin? Outer appearance can often create problems with the inner self-confidence. Restore your radiant skin and luscious locks at Kabera Global Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai. Kabera Global is the one-stop solution for all the aesthetic concerns of your body. Conveniently located at three locations in Maharashtra (Andheri, Dadar West, and Vashi), expertise in advanced restoration techniques and experienced surgeon work together to provide you with excellent outcomes.

Mumbai houses the most prolific entertainment industry in the world. It is the glam capital of India. Proper grooming and looks are important assets in Mumbai's fashion world. If you want to perfect your appearance and features to suit the entertainment industry, consider hair treatments and skin rejuvenation for a picture-perfect look. If you are an aspiring model or actor, let your looks do the talking and making an everlasting impression. Good clothes can only take you a little far since they can be changed. But amazing tresses and skin is what makes a person stand out in the entertainment industry. Cosmetic procedures will surely give you a refreshed and rejuvenated look thus instilling confidence in you

Kabera Global is a trusted name in the field of hair transplants and skin care. We are proud of our top surgeons in 21+ clinics all over India. Our pan-India presence brings to you the best quality treatment at cost-effective prices near your location. Comfortable, sanitized and hygienic clinics along with expert medical staff ensure excellent results and full satisfaction for you.

What are the main causes of Hair Loss?

Hair loss can occur in both men and women because of numerous factors. Androgenetic alopecia due to genetic factors is the most common cause for both the genders though is same, type of baldness is different as women go through female-pattern alopecia and men go through male pattern alopecia. Characteristic feature of baldness in females is their widening middle part and hair thinning while for male it is bald patches in the temples and a receding hairline. Other than that Telogen effluvium is also considered a leading determinant. It occurs when a person goes through a period of intense physical or mental stress. Telogen effluvium is also known as diffuse balding and is temporary form of shedding. In women especially, traction alopecia is very much prevalent. It is a form of permanent baldness which happens due to prolonged pulling and tugging due to tight rubber bands and braiding or ponytail styles.

Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai

Today's fast-paced world is making people look too old for their age. Stress is a constant factor in the life of the millennials and the same reflects on the outward appearance as well. The desire for healthy hair and access to the latest technology has made hair transplants a go-to treatment for hair loss sufferers. Though not all clinics can be trusted to give you the luscious locks of your dreams, some cheap hair transplant clinic is only interested in your money. We, the team of Kabera Global, have earned reliability and respect by providing budget-friendly extensive service for baldness treatments, including robotic restoration, FUE treatment, PRP therapy, mesotherapy and cosmetic hair fusion.

  • Cosmetic hair fusion is especially beneficial for people who are not eligible for any hair surgery like people suffering from HIV, hypertension, diabetes or underage people. It is absolutely non-invasive and pain-free.

  • Mesotherapy is a new-age technology for restoring hair by injecting plant extracts, hormones and nutrients in the scalp. It is done to obtain hormonal balance and eliminate nutrient deficiency

  • PRP Therapy or platelet-rich plasma therapy requires injecting processed blood into the scalp. The process blood is obtained by extracting platelet-rich plasma component of the centrifuged blood. There is no risk of negative reactions the injected blood is the patents own.

  • Robotic Restoration is a revolutionary technology for advanced FUE transplant. The process is done by an image-guided robot which extracts grafts from the donor area and harvests it onto the bald region.

What is hair transplant?

It is a surgical procedure where healthy follicles from donor site are extracted and harvested in the bald or patchy area. The surgery can be performed through FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique. FUT procedure includes harvesting follicles from a strip of tissue consisting of follicles which are removed surgically. The process leaves a linear surgical scar. FUE, on the other hand, is the newer technology which uses a microneedle to harvest individual grafts and transplants it onto the receipt area. FUE provides for faster recovery and minimal scarring and hence, is considered better than FUT.

Thinning, patchy or missing facial and scalp hair can look embarrassing. It can be used to restore hair on beard, moustache and eyebrow as well.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Mumbai?

Though hair transplant costs are considered to be dependent on the clinic one chooses, a lot depends on the baldness level, the number of grafts to be harvested and complexity of the procedure. You can calculate the grafts needed using a graft calculator on our website. The result is based on the targeted bald area, hair density and time period in which you want to get the treatment done. It will assist you in knowing a rough estimation of the grafts you will require and the resultant cost. Kabera Global provides you with the best hair transplant at the best price. You can also pay using the EMI option with convenient down payment and installments. An EMI calculator will help you to plan better financially.

Skin rejuvenation treatment in Mumbai

Skin problems, if not contained, can worsen over time. If you are still not satisfied with all the home remedies and the cosmetic creams, visit our clinic to get one of the following skin treatments. Skin Rejuvenation and skin resurfacing therapy can improve skin texture and firmness and eliminate several signs of aging and sun damage.

  • Laser Hair Removal

Fixing a monthly appointment with your local beauty technician to get rid of unwanted hair is tedious and expensive. Get a permanent solution for smooth skin by opting for laser removal treatment. It can be used to remove unwanted strands on face and body. The laser destroys the follicle from within without harming the skin around the follicle. You can opt for full body laser removal or sectional hair removal.

  • Organic Peels

Acne and pimple scars along with skin dullness can hamper the confidence of the person. Organic peels are the perfect way to get soft, smooth and clear skin using natural enzymes. These enzymes work just enough to peel off the dead skin without harming the skin in any other way. Organic peels are eco-friendly, paraben-free, sulfate free (SLS-free) petrochemical-free,  phthalate-free and devoid of any artificial fragrance.

  • Tattoo Removal Treatments

Tattoos depict the personality of the person. It is common to have a desire to completely get rid of it. Also, people who have a tattoo owing to their impulsive decision without thinking of its long-term effects too want to remove it. Tattoo removal treatment employs laser technology to destroy the tattoo ink with short but intense laser pulses. The number of sessions depends on the size of the tattoo.

  • Skin Whitening Treatment

Sun damage and pollution can ruin the natural glow and radiance of the skin. Pigmentation and tanning are common problems faced due to it. Skin whitening procedures removes dead cells and increases circulation and hydration to bring back the lost illumination in your skin. New skin cells that are healthy are formed to reveal a beautiful face and body.

  • Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a wonderful technique to get hydrated, plump and lifted skin. It involves injecting hyaluronic acid in the inner layer of the skin. The youthful glow and sheen are restored resulting in healthy and smooth skin. Mesotherapy also helps in retaining moisture in the skin for a longer time.

Cost of skin rejuvenation treatment in Mumbai

Many clinics provide skin treatments at cheap costs. However, skin rejuvenation treatments should be done by a professional dermatologist only. The doctor will assess the skin type, skin problem and the underlying reason for the problem. The dermatologist will then suggest a remedy based on the test results that will suit you best. The cost of skin rejuvenation will depend on the type of treatment, the complexity of the procedure and the number of sessions required. You can book a free consultation with our dermatologists at Kabera Global Dermatology and Trichology Clinic. Kabera - powered centers use advanced technology and up to date with the latest techniques in aesthetic treatment.

Why Choose Kabera Global Dermatology and Trichology Treatment in Mumbai?

Considering aesthetic treatments can be a worrisome issue as everyone is sensitive about their physical features. Do not be troubled thinking about it as Kabera Global is the best option for you. Read below to know why Kabera Global is the best and deserving clinic to serve your aesthetic needs.

  1. Free Consulting: At Kabera Global, you will get free consultation. Our experts analyze the problem both online and offline. The client sends pictures of the problem area which can be sent via mail or whatsapp.

  2. Experienced Surgeons: Kabera has the team of experienced dermatologists and trichologists who have caring attitude with a professional approach.

  3. Technology Used: It is important to choose a clinic which uses the best of technology for best results. Modern technology is painless and result oriented. At Kabera, all the treatments are done using the latest technology.

  4. Results: One can trust a clinic or doctor, only after seeing their work or results. Kabera Global is known for best transplantation and skin treatment results. Just check out the results and compare from the before and after photos. Also, read the testimonials of our clients.

  5. Value For Money: All the hair and skin treatments at Kabera Global are cost effective and within the budget.

Location, Schedule and Services

Location and Schedule: Kabera Global have more than 21 Dermatology and Trichology Clinics in India out of which three centers are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Their location and opening schedules are given below.

Timings*: Tue-Sun 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Timings*: Mon-Sun 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

(All Days Working)

Timings*: Mon-Sun 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

(All Days Working)

Call (+91) 98880 99906 or mail us at info@kaberaglobal.com to know more details.

Services: Kabera Global works towards providing peaceful and hygienic surroundings with ample facilities to make you comfortable. We offer free Wi-Fi and television to not make you feel bored. We have all the medical tests and medicines arranged to cater to your needs.

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