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Kabera Global- Dermatology and Hair Transplant Clinic In Jaipur

Did you earn the tag of an "oldie" at a tender age, all because of your falling hair or dull facial skin? Then you need to restore your youthful look with a permanent answer as most of the short-term solutions are a sheer waste of money.

Hair and skin restoration treatments are the everlasting solution to falling hair and dull skin. Kabera Global is an esteemed name in the field of hair transplant and skin rejuvenation. We have a nationwide presence with more than 21 clinics across India. Our clinic at Jaipur, Rajasthan is committed to providing you the best quality aesthetic procedures in your city within your budget. Kabera has a team of highly qualified medical staff with experienced doctors who are determined to give you the best results.

Baldness and Hair Loss Treatment In Jaipur- Hair Transplantation Clinic

Latest technologies for hair loss treatments have made baldness surgery procedure less complex and more affordable. Technologies like PRP therapy, FUE hair transplant, mesotherapy and robotic hair restoration have revolutionized hair loss treatments. Hair regrowth is now possible for both facial and scalp hair transplants. Facial hair transplant includes moustache transplant, beard transplant and eyebrow transplant.

We provide the best trichologists and specialists for hair surgeries. All surgeons at Kabera are qualified MD(Dermatology) or M.S/ M.Ch. Avail free consultation from experts at Kabera.

What is the Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur?

The amount spent on various temporary treatments you opted earlier must have cost a lot. Temporary solutions are just a waste of your hard-earned money resulting only in embarrassing consequences. Hair transplant cost at Kabera Clinic, Jaipur is affordable and within your budget. Not only this but various payments options are also available along with the facility of EMI option. You can initially pay the flexible down payment and then easily deposit monthly installments later.   

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment In Jaipur

                          "Beautiful Skin Requires An Appointment, Not a Miracle"

One has to understand that every skin is different, its need is different and so are the treatments. Cosmetics or other home remedies are temporary methods that may not necessarily be suitable for you. If you are fed up of temporary methods or have tried hundreds of cosmetics and still losing all the charm from your face, then you definitely need an appointment with Kabera Global to rejuvenate your looks. Kabera has a range of skin treatments like

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Acne-scars

  • Anti Aging

  • Mesotherapy

  • Organic Peels

What is the cost of skin rejuvenation treatment in Jaipur?

The cost of skin rejuvenation treatment may vary depending upon numerous factors like:

  1. Experience of the Dermatologists

  2. Type of Procedure

  3. Geographical location of the clinic

  4. Criticality of the problem

Skin rejuvenation treatments sound fancy for some and hence people are worried about the cost. In today's time, undergoing skin treatment is common and not for the luxurious alone. People often lose a major chunk of their confidence purely on the grounds of how they look. In this fast-paced world, skin and hair help a person to look up to the world with confidence in the eyes. The cost of such a treatment is much less compared to the confidence one gains.

Location, Timings, And Services

Kabera Global has more than 21 clinics all over India. Presently we have one Dermatology and Hair transplant Clinic in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Location: Sarojini Marg, Jaipur

Timings*: Mon-Sat : 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

          (Sunday : Closed after Lunch)

Services: At Kabera hair transplant clinic, you will get the best possible service to make your visit comfortable. We will take full care of you both before and after the surgery. You can order lunch as per your choice. For your entertainment, you get free television and free Wi-Fi service so that you don't feel bored during your resting phase. All the necessary medicines and basic medical tests are available here to take care of your medical needs.

Call (+91) 98880 99906 or mail us at info@kaberaglobal.com to know more details.

* Call us to confirm clinic timings on public holidays