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Kabera Trichology Clinic in Bangalore

It was believed that  "A woman's hair is her best accessory...". However, in the modern era, hair is not just a woman's glory but a man's too. Every individual is concerned about his or her looks. With the latest methods and technologies, you also can enhance your appearance with Kabera hair and skin treatment clinic in Bangalore at an affordable cost.

Kabera Global, a specialist in the field of hair restoration and cosmetic surgeries, has a professional medical team which consists of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons with high medical standards. Kabera Clinics are directing greater effort into high-quality products, top-notch technology, hygiene, and post-op services.

For any query related to hair restoration treatment, hair transplant cost in Bangalore and skin rejuvenation treatment, book an appointment by calling us at (+91) 98880 99906. You will get free consultation from industry's best trichologists and dermatologists of Bangalore.

Along with hair transplant, Kabera has a wide range of revolutionary methods and technologies for both hair and skin treatment.

Kabera Global trichology clinics earned its high reputation due to its highly satisfied client feedback and positive results. We have nationwide presence with more than 21 hair transplant clinics in India.

Hair Transplantation

Patchy hair, hair thinning or baldness are embarrassing for both males and females. An array of treatments available are:

  • Eyebrow Transplant

Thinning, scarce or missing eyebrows are as much a cause of worry as any other problem. Eyebrows can enhance the beauty of a person by simply shaping the face. Bold eyebrows being the talk of the town, you too can have full brows by undergoing eyebrow transplant treatment by trusted surgeons at Kabera Global.

  • Beard Transplant

The trend that started with No-Shave November continues to rise and shine and has no intention to fade away. Do u also want to sport a rocking beard but are suffering from the problem of scarce beard, hair fall or no beard. Do not be disheartened. Beard transplant is the perfect solution for you.

  • Moustache Transplant

Enhance your manly look with top-notch technology treatment for facial balding. Don't let spotty or patchy facial hair break your confidence. You too can flaunt twirly moustaches through moustache transplant treatment.

Latest Technologies Provided By Kabera Global

  • PRP Hair Therapy

PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma hair treatment is a revolutionary non-invasive method for treatment of thinning hair. It is a three step procedure where blood is drawn from a part of the body and then kept in a centrifugal machine. The centrifuged blood divides the blood into plasma and red blood cells. The platelet-rich plasma is then extracted and injected into the affected area to stimulate hair growth. PRP hair treatment is safe as the blood of the patient is their own and hence there is no chance of any allergic reaction.

  • FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction is a hair treatment method for obtaining the hair back naturally. The hair follicle is grafted from the donor area (which is the area with healthy hair growth) to the receipt area. The grafted hair then grows naturally. FUE hair transplant is a modern technique and more advanced than any of the previous technologies. It is a treatment of choice for many and the procedure yields highly positive results.

  • Robotic hair restoration

This advanced technology uses robotic arm to make incisions and graft hair follicles. The restoration arm uses image-guided robotic system for precise and accurate grafting and transplant. Robotic System makes the process less invasive which in turn leads to faster healing. Also, the cost improves in favour of the patient as labour cost decreases.

  • Cosmetic Hair Fusion  

The technique is a boon for people with thinning and short hair that takes a lot of time to grow . The procedure is painless and external. It requires approximately 3 inches of hair to fuse the cosmetic hair with the natural hair. This procedure results in voluminous luscious locks. The success of the treatment mainly depends on the person performing it and the quality of cosmetic hair used.

  • Mesotherapy

For hair treatment, mesotherapy is used by injecting nutrient boosters, vitamin and minerals in the scalp to cure baldness in both men and women. It promotes hair growth by boosting the cell metabolism and eliminating infections from the scalp. Mesotherapy also helps in delaying male pattern baldness in men.

Skin rejuvenation treatment in Bangalore

  • Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction treatment is used to permanently remove all unwanted hair, either from the face or any other part of the body. Temporary methods like: tweezing, shaving or waxing are painful and their results do not last long as they only remove hair strands from the surface. Laser hair removal treatment targets hair-producing follicles. It removes the hair and  lighten its colour. Results achieved from laser hair removal are permanent.

  • Anti-Aging

Anti-aging treatment is a life saver to all those who are suffering from sagging skin, wrinkles or other different signs of aging. Laser skin tightening treatment is used to contract and strengthen the skin by heating the collagen which is present under the surface of the skin. This treatment results in a natural-looking beautiful skin.

  • Laser Tattoo Removal

Though tattoos were considered irremovable, innovation in technology can now help in  even eliminating a regretful tattoo. The procedure can permanently remove a tattoo non-invasively using pigment-removal laser technique. The laser breaks down the ink into small fragments which eventually gets disposed off by the body.

What is the cost of hair transplant and skin treatment in Bangalore?

  • Hair transplant treatment costs vary depending upon technology used and the number of grafts required. Other factors like experienced surgeons and location of the clinic too can add to the cost. Visit the website and select your hair type, hair density and time period to know your cost estimation and graft calculation. You can further contact us for an appointment or get a free consultation from our experts. You can get hair loss treatment at Kabera at very optimum costs.
  • With the innovation in technology, the skin treatment costs have decreased immensely over the years. While medicated treatments cost less, others that require slightly more complex procedures cost more. Consultation with the dermatologist will help you understand the true cost depending on the treatment required.
  • You can avail the EMI option to conveniently pay without any hassles. Simply pay the flexible downpayment initially and the rest of the fee in the form of monthly installments later.

Location, Timings And Services

Kabera hair transplant clinics in Bangalore are comfortable and hygienic. Kabera has pan India presence with more than 21 hair and skin treatment clinics. Currently, we have 2 hair transplant clinics in Bangalore.

Locations: Kabera Global Trichology Clinic, Jagriti Renaissance, Bangalore

Kabera Global Trichology Clinic, Residency Road, Bangalore

Services: You don't need to get bored while taking rest before and after surgery. Free Wi-fi and television facilities are available along with lunch at these clinics. Also, almost all the basic and necessary medicines and tests facilities are provided

Timings: Monday to Sunday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Call to book an appointment at (+91) 98880 99906 or  mail us at info@kaberaglobal.com