Change of season from winters to spring needs change in our lives as well. Right from clothes, skin care routine and food choices, everything needs to be changed. These variations in seasons are small things that add spice to our life. Spring represents the youthful period of life. It is filled with love, flowers, freshness and

Women go to extreme ends to get rid of unwanted hair. They spend a considerable amount of time on monthly, or even weekly, appointments for hair removal methods like waxing, threading and epilating. Though painful, it can be said that these methods are at least safe and get the work done. Vellus hair, also known as peach fuzz, are the facial hair on women. Though it is quite

Superfoods are nutrient-loaded and energy-packed food items which when introduced in the daily diet have proven to make changes in the individual’s well-being and life from within. Health is supreme, whether it is in the internal functioning of the body or health of the scalp, hair and skin. Here is a list of 5 superfoods that will bring a positive difference to your body along w

Hair analysis test is a new technique to find the root cause of all the hair and scalp problems. It is essential to visit a proper trichology clinic and address all the issues pertaining to hair loss before it becomes difficult to restore them. Even if you have opted to undergo hair transplant treatments like PRP therapy, mesotherapy, FUE treatment, etc, the medical expert wi

Female health goes for a toss during various stages of her life whether it is menstruation, pregnancy or menopause. The changes in hormonal levels of the body create havoc in the overall health of the body including hair, skin, etc. Hormonal imbalance is one of the main causes of hair loss in the woman. Other causes that can trigger hair growth problem in women are:

Poor health and lifestyle choices can deeply affect the health of the hair. Telogen Effluvium is one such condition which is the second most prevalent form of hair loss. It is a type of temporary hair loss characterized by diffuse balding. Diffuse balding can occur in both males and females and at any age. The normal hair growth cycle gets interrupted and hair thin

Cute beanies and gorgeous scarfs might be your go-to for the season but what about your crowning glory? Are you forced to wrap your hair around in a bun? Read this blog from start to end to fight winter hair problems with a bang.

5 Common Winter Hair Problems

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 I think we’re all obsessed with our hair - the daily ritualized pruning that we do, and the way in which we spend


Veganism is the new buzzword in town. With hundreds and thousands of people flocking on the internet to boast about them turning vegan, all the dairy-lovers do feel a little missed out. The effects of a vegan diet have been a little controversial. Let’s decode if a vegan diet can really help in healthy hair and skin.

One would do anything to save themselves from the excruciating torment of migraines. A migraine is a neurological condition which causes severely painful, recurring and continuous headaches. They can result in hindering everyday life’s functioning and causes both physical and mental agony. The side-effects of a migraine include sensitivity to light, sound, blurred vision, nausea

Every grandmother’s handbook of home remedies will surely contain at least 5 solutions to removing blackheads. These are the clogged hair follicles filled with dirt, sebum, and debris that cause bumpy and textured skin. Pinching your nose to remove blackheads might be the first image that comes to your mind while thinking about blackheads. But the nose is not the only p

Imagine shampooing your hair without using water – dream or reality? Dry shampoo is a reality and is increasingly being used by ladies as a means of a quick hair makeover. It is a boon at times when you are in a rush and do not have the time for a complete hair wash.

Dry shampoo can well become your beauty best friend if you have busy work sched

In their effort to provide you with the latest hair care products, companies are now offering hair serums. In this article, I will explain what these products are and how they are to be used.


Want to keep your face looking young? People try various cosmetics and surgeries to look young, and an alternative and easy way is to do facial exercises or facial yoga that will keep your face muscles toned. It is said that there are over 50 muscles in the face, and regular exercising them will tone them, just like other muscles in the body. Exercising them will keep your facial muscl

You are young. You are beautiful. And you have luxurious, shiny hair that adds to your beauty. You like it styled in different ways – sometimes falling carelessly on your face, sometimes formally braided, and sometimes in a cute ponytail.

I am sure you would like to keep it that way. But there are times when your hair is rough and unmanageable.

  Benefits of Sleep for Healthy Skin

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Tattoo Removal Process And Its Cost In India

Tattoos have increasingly become popular over the years. People like to have designs or words engraved on parts of their bodies. It is a fad these days. However, what if you want to have it removed later on? Relationships change, so do needs and fashion

Microneedling is a process that has been used in skin care for many years with successful results. It involves using micro-needles to make tiny holes in the skin. Also called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), the tiny holes or the needle pricks that are made in the skin begin to heal and in doing so stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in smoother skin and curing

Know About Skin Whitening Treatment Procedure And Its Cost In India

Many people have the desire for a bright skin. They go for skin whitening treatment

Yoga for Glowing Skin: Seven Invaluable Yoga Asanas For Healthy Skin

Many of us tend to get skin problems. The Indian summer heat, the winter dryness, the monsoon humidity – all cause skin problems. Usually, people use beauty products for getting over their skin problems. These work most of the time. But we often forget

Thread Facelift Treatment

If sagging skin is spoiling your looks but you don’t want to go for the lengthy procedure of a facelift, a non-surgical solution is now available. Called a thread lift, this new and improved procedure tightens sagging and folding skin. This Read more

Freckles: Symptoms, Causes, and DIY Home Remedies

Some people tend to get freckles. These are light brown spots on the skin of the size of 2-4 mm. They are clusters of skin cells that the melanin pigment which causes a little discoloration. They are flat, painless and harmless. Caused by sun exposure

What Is Glass Skin Trend? How To Achieve It?

Have you noticed the latest skin craze? Some ladies are supporting a perfect, smooth and flawless skin, without any pores. The porcelain-like skin is beautiful, luminous, fairy-like, glowing, dewy and almost transparent.

10 Great Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally

Dandruff is a common occurrence. It can be seen as “snowflakes” or white particles on the head and shoulders of those who suffer from it. Its symptoms are an itchy scalp and flakiness, which becomes very embarrassing for the suffe

Getting Rid Of Dark Circles In A Natural Way

You look into the mirror on the day and notice that your eyes, while still beautiful, have a discoloration below them. Called dark circles, they give the look for age and worry and spoil one’s looks. Both men and women are affe

Did you know that a very good natural shampoo for your hair is the common Indian food, curd?

You can make your own curd by adding a spoonful of curd to milk and allowing it to set. It becomes ready in just a few hours. You can use it by itself to wash hair or in combination with other natural ingredients for soft and smooth hair. A

So your big day is arriving soon. 

You will become a bride and everybody will be looking at you sighing how beautiful you look. It will be your day and you want to cherish it forever.

No doubt you want to look good and feel beautiful. You will be the center of everybody’s atte

Ever looked at a film star and wished you had hair like that? Well, you can get it very simply, by just following a good, nourishing diet.

We all want great, shiny and silky hair. Hair is your natural asset, adding to your looks and personality. So nourish it both from inside and outside to make it look good!

We live in a world where first impressions are quickly made about people. People make an opinion about you just by their first glance. That is why people invest a lot of time in deciding about their clothing, appearance, and grooming. 

An important feature that helps make an image of any person is hair. A luxurious crop of hai

We all know that women and men both suffer from hair loss problems. Most of the people are not aware of what actually is going on with their hair. Though hair is dead tissue, when it is beautiful and shiny, it adds to one personality. Therefore, mistreating your hair is not an option.

If you are looking for the best hair transplant

Call it Alopecia or Baldness, hair loss is the most common problem faced by both men and women. Its normal to lose up to 100 to 200 hairs per day.But the main tension arises when this number increases from 100 to 1000. Due to this problem, bald spots are very common in men and in women hair slowly gets thinner day by day. Its better to see hair on head ra

In this article, we’re going to be focussing on how you can choose the best hair transplant clinic and some of the things to consider one of your main concerns when you are interested in having a hair treatment will be finding the best clinic for you. The main problem here  is that most people won’t have visited a transpl

Have you been struggling to cope with baldness? Here, we will discuss the most effective treatment for balding. Noticing the early signs of baldness can be upsetting. However, in recent years, advances in science have made it possible to counter baldness. That’s right – if you’ve noticed that baldness is becoming a problem for you and you want to bring back

If you have recently had a hair transplant you need to care for the newly growing hair. Here we will give you some of the best tips worth following to ensure your new hair is as healthy as possible. Of course you can get these and other tips at our hair transplant clinic in Delhi, which is equipped with the latest technology and has the most qualified doctors. 

Hair transplants are not much of a bother these days, thanks to advancements in medical science. Much research has gone into hair transplants. This has gained huge growth in the past few years and now the latest technology – the FUE and FUT – offer a very satisfactory service to sufferers of hair loss around the world. Thankfully, the latest methods are available

Hair loss is a common problem. Most people suffer from hair fall issues. These are caused by natural causes such as age and hereditary reasons, or because of increasing pollution, improper eating habits, modern lifestyles, excessive stress and other reasons. Home remedies are usually preventive, but if you are already suffering from loss of hair, you have to look for some alt