Thread Facelift Treatment

Thread Facelift Treatment

If sagging skin is spoiling your looks but you don’t want to go for the lengthy procedure of a facelift, a non-surgical solution is now available. Called a thread lift, this new and improved procedure tightens sagging and folding skin. This skin treatment is becoming popular because it is less painful and requires less time than a regular facelift.

A few years back actress Gwyneth Paltrow endorsed this skin treatment method but at that time it was not developed very well and was known to have side effects. The method has been perfected over the years and with new technology, it has become safe and viable. So if you want a younger look by tightening up your loose and sagging skin, you can well consider a thread facelift. The method is suitable both for men and women. It is one of the easiest method among skin treatments.

Minimally invasive procedure

Described as a minimally invasive procedure, it involves passing fine threads under the skin that have small cones or graspers on them. The cones serve the purpose of holding the skin firmly, giving a youthful look. It can be visualised as the strings of a puppet supporting the skin. Since it is a non-surgical procedure, it does not require much preparation or healing time. The procedure is usually done using local anaesthesia. This means that patients remain awake during the procedure and can see needles inserted under their skin. This might be a problem for some people. The healing time is usually 2-3 days during which pain and swelling may be experienced. You will be perfectly all right in about a week or so.

Thread lift skin treatment consists of three procedures: surgical thread lifting, non-surgical thread lifting, and beauty threads. All these procedures stimulate collagen production, the protein that gives our skin its youthful look. Beauty threads will thus show a subtle increase in skin firmness in patients aged 30 to 40 because of collagen enhancement, but these threads do not actually lift the skin. Surgical thread lifts last longer than beauty threads.

The advantage of the thread lift is that it takes less time. The skin treatment procedure involves inserting fine polydioxanone threads through small incisions. This the same material that is used for sutures in heart surgery, so it is quite safe. The small cones attached to the threads attach to the skin and pull it and thereby tighten it. The threads are inserted into the soft tissue by means of needles. Another way is to use the threads to make a mesh pattern on which new collagen is formed.

Seek medical advice

If you are comfortable with the idea of having threads inserted in your face, thread lift can work for you. Thread lifts can be used on any part of the body, including face, breasts, neck, upper chest and even the knees.

Sagging skin gives the appearance of age. Thread lifts work by tightening the skin. However, the method is not suitable for people who have excessive skin sagging. In that case, a facelift is advisable.

Before deciding on a thread lift procedure, you must seek professional advice. Remember that the same type of treatment is not applicable to all. The doctor must understand your requirements and suggest what is right for you. A good plastic surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of the treatment. Discuss the risks and the possible side effects. Also, ask about the thread facelift cost. Usually, the procedure is quite expensive. Be clear about the procedure and the healing time and go for it only when you are fully convinced.

Choose a qualified and experienced practitioner. You can speak to those who have undergone the procedure to know about their experience. There may be unqualified practitioners too so be careful of quacks who have entered the field.

After the procedure, you will experience some pain or swelling for 2-3 days, for which the doctor will prescribe painkillers. Make sure you do not wash or touch the area for at least one day, even though the pain and swelling will be uncomfortable.

The procedure does not leave any visible scars and is almost invisible. Thanks to new types of threads made with dissolvable materials, chances of infection are minimised. The effect of thread lift will last up to six months before the threads dissolve.


As compared to a full facelift, the thread lift is faster and is easy. But it is not permanent nor can it achieve the results of a complete face-lift. At the same time, thread lift is the cheaper option. The thread lift is a good option for people who want an easy and a less expensive way of tightening their sagging skin. Because of these reasons, the thread lift treatment is becoming popular. Both men and women are going for it to have early signs of aging removed. Fine lines and wrinkles are easily removed through a thread lift.

The thread lift procedure has improved over the years. These days it offered as a safe method of skin lift without side effects. If surgical method scares you, you can opt for non-surgical threads, which increase collagen production and show good results. For results up to six months, surgical methods are advised. For still longer results, a full face-lift is advised. The method you choose will depend on the cost as well: since the thread facelift cost is quite high, you will have to decide the best option for yourself. The thread facelift cost is, however, decreasing over the years so it is fast becoming affordable.

Whichever method you choose, remember to consult a qualified doctor. After all, it is your body and you must get good advice and knowing all the details before you go in for a procedure.

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