Summer Hair Care Tips After Hair Transplant

If you have recently had a hair transplant you need to care for the newly growing hair. Here we will give you some of the best tips worth following to ensure your new hair is as healthy as possible. Of course you can get these and other tips at our hair transplant clinic in Delhi, which is equipped with the latest technology and has the most qualified doctors. 

Having a hair transplant can be an overwhelming experience. When you’ve finally had the hair transplant treatment done, you’ll instantly become a happier person. So given the trouble of getting the hair procedure and incurring the hair transplant cost in Delhi, it goes without saying that you must take care of your hair once it starts to grow. Don’t take any risks and instead follow Some of Our Tips Below:-

Tip #1 – Do Not Moisturize Your Scalp:-

For the few days after your treatment, avoid moisturizing your scalp. This gives it a chance to heal properly and prevents any bacteria from being absorbed. But, after those first few days (and once you’ve had your check-up), start moisturizing your scalp on a daily basis to promote healthy growth and prevent your skin from drying out. After about two weeks, your new hair will show very early signs of growth and you can stop moisturizing.

Tip #2 – Dealing with Side Effects:-

There will be some negative side effects of the hair transplant. Fortunately, today the procedures involved aren’t as invasive. That being said, there will be some side effects to deal with. First, if you see blood, don’t panic! It’s natural for there to be some minor bleeding after a hair transplantation procedure. On top of that, your scalp and forehead will be slightly swollen for the first week or so – this isn’t painless and at the most, it’ll be uncomfortable. If you experience any sort of pain, then you may be given painkillers, but this is becoming less common. Of course you can visit our hair transplant clinics in Delhi should you need any help and guidance.

Tip #3 –Relax!

Although not an invasive procedure, your body still needs to recover after treatment. You should plan to take some time away from the gym, your workplace, and instead, you should stay home and relax. If you are being too active, your blood pressure will increase as will the amount of bleeding that you see. This will affect the healing process and so relaxing is ideal.

Tip #4 – Keep Your Head Elevated:-

Elevating your scalp is crucial as it will directly affect how your scalp heals and in turn, how your new hair will grow. You can do this by adding a few extra pillows (or on a recliner) and avoiding any activities that require you to bend down. Keeping the head elevated avoids swelling. Save yourself the hassle and keep your head elevated.

Tip #5 – Avoid the Sun and the Heat:-

The Summer heat can disturb your hair treatment if it hasn’t fully healed. You should avoid being outside as the sunlight can have negative effects on the implanted hair follicles. Similarly avoid the heat to prevent sweating which could lead to an infection. If you have to go outside, then wear a soft beanie, but not for too long as your scalp needs oxygen to heal properly. Our expert doctors at the hair transplant clinics in Delhi will also give you expert advice and you can also turn to them for help.

Tip #6 – Use Cool Blow Dry:-

After the first few days of playing it safe, your doctor will likely tell you that you can start washing your hair normally again and to continue using a special shampoo. While it’s worth playing it safe and avoiding blow drying at all for a few weeks, if you do choose to blow dry your hair then use the cool setting to prevent damaging the hair implants.

To Conclude…

By taking these tips into consideration you can maintain your healthy hair, disregard the hair transplant cost in Delhi, and enjoy the new found happiness that your hair brings you. Even including just a few of these tips into your hair care routine will go a long way!

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