Microneedling For Hair Loss Treatment

Microneedling is a process that has been used in skin care for many years with successful results. It involves using micro-needles to make tiny holes in the skin. Also called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), the tiny holes or the needle pricks that are made in the skin begin to heal and in doing so stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in smoother skin and curing it of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. The tiny holes also result in making “micro channels” in the skin through which serums, plasma, and skincare products can penetrate and get absorbed in the deeper layer of the skin making it smooth and young. Sometimes a dermaroller is used which is a kind of a roller with tiny needles. It is rolled over the skin, causing fine pricks.

It is not a very painful experience, but you do feel the pricks. Actresses use the procedure to achieve special skin effects required in certain vampire or ghost movies.

The process is now being used as a treatment for hair loss and alopecia. In this article, I will describe microneedling for hair growth. The microneedling process is used to small pricks in the scalp so that upon healing the hair follicles are regenerated and new hair can emerge. It is an effective treatment for new hair growth and helps patients with thinning hair.

The procedure

In microneedling, tiny holes of are made in the scalp by using a dermaroller. The procedure may take about 30 minutes. A local anaesthetic is used to mask the pain, and after the procedure, a soothing balm is applied to reduce the inflammation and discomfort that may result. When these micro injuries heal, the hair follicles are strengthened.

The skin reacts to the procedure first causing inflammation, then healing and growth of hair. The wounds are very tiny so it is not a risky procedure, but they do cause pain and discomfort.

Care must be taken because the injuries will cause irritation and result in infection. Usually, the inflammation subsides in 5-7 days, but you must protect your scalp during the healing stage. It is not recommended for people with medical conditions such as diabetes or those using medications that may delay the healing process. Using the process with minoxidil may sometimes cause burning and itching as well.

Some people use dermarollers themselves to reduce the cost of treatment. Though cheaper, the method carries risk as one may cause more wounds on the scalp than intended. A good professional will take care so that infections and side effects do not occur.

Talk to a doctor for the treatment. Make sure that the person who does the procedure is qualified and experienced. Assess the risks involved before you jump in to take the treatment. An experienced doctor or dermatologist will minimise the risk for you. That is why choosing a well experienced cosmetic surgeon is of utmost importance. It is a good idea to talk to past customers and have all your questions answered.

Microneedling for hair loss is not a cheap procedure. You will need a number of sessions spread over some time. As the wounds heal slowly, it can take six to nine months for results to show. You will be to see gradual improvement in hair growth over time.

Benefits of microneedling

Microneedling is a promising hair loss treatment. Talk with your doctor about all your hair growth options. It has become very popular treatment for hair growth. It has helped thousands of people who suffered hair loss and baldness, sometimes even curing baldness due to genetic causes. Both men and women have used this treatment.

It has been effective in treating traction alopecia – hair loss that results from pulling of the hair, telogen effluvium which is caused by stress related hair loss, and alopecia areata, which is baldness caused by the body’s immune response attacks the hair follicles.

Apart from strengthening hair follicles and generating growth or new hair, microneedling also results in growth of stem cells in the scalp, leading to hair growth. The tiny holes result in efficient absorption of hair growth products, such as minoxidil which help in hair growth. It is thus an effective modern hair loss treatment.


Microneedling has emerged as an effective way of treating hair loss. Seek the advice of an experienced surgeon rather than attempting it yourself because doctors can vary the depth of the needle and speed of the machine depending on requirements. At the same time, take extra care of the area to avoid infections. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics for the purpose.

The advantage is that it is a quick procedure and patients recover in a week or so. Do find out about the risks and side effects and make sure that you have the procedure done by an experienced doctor.

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