Know All About Hair Serum Its Working, Benefits And Homemade Hair Serum

In their effort to provide you with the latest hair care products, companies are now offering hair serums. In this article, I will explain what these products are and how they are to be used.

A hair serum is a thick liquid containing silicon, ceramides and amino acids. The serum covers every hair shaft and repairs damage to the hair. While adding a protective layer to the hair, it keeps the hair shiny and smooth. Some serums also help in hair re-growth. A hair serum is used for rough and dry hair. If you have naturally shiny and smooth hair, there is no need to use hair serum.

The silicon helps to smoothen rough hair, adding shine to it. The protective layer formed by the hair serum protects the hair from the sun, UV rays, and the heat, as also from pollutants and dust that we encounter in everyday life. For people who have to go outdoors, a hair serum is an easy way to manage the hair, reducing the time that you spend for hair care.

A hair serum is thus a boon for you if you have dry and unmanageable hair. Girls can achieve their dreams of having soft and shiny hair without too much effort. It will prevent hair breakage due to dryness, and provide a protective layer from sunshine and heat, UV rays, and pollutants and dust that we encounter in everyday life.

You will love the results obtained by using hair serums. They not only help the hair look beautiful and shiny but the hair also becomes easily manageable. You can try new and trendy hairstyles, and quickly style your hair for parties and special occasions.

Ways to use hair serum

As it is a new product, you must learn to use the hair serum properly. Remember it is a leave-on product that is applied on wet hair. After washing your hair with shampoo, do not apply conditioner but let the moisture absorb with a soft towel. While the hair is still damp, apply hair serum with your hands starting with your hair at the back. Apply it to the strands going to the tips of your hair. Straighten your hair by using a wide-toothed comb. Remember that the serum is not applied to the scalp. Do not overuse it, as it will add to the oiliness.

Benefits of hair serum

Hair serum ingredients untangle your hair and give it a shiny look. The silicon in it forms a protective layer by coating the hair shafts. Amino acids repair damaged hair caused by heat treatments, exposure, and colouring. Hair serums provide many benefits:

  • It cures rough hair so that you avoid bad hair days
  • By coating the hair, it makes the hair shiny and look very glamorous.
  • A hair serum untangles the hair so that hair-fall is reduced
  • Strengthening serums reduce hair breakage
  • It helps in avoiding the oiliness

Girls will find hair serums extremely helpful because by making their hair smooth, they can style their hair any way you want and quickly change your style depending on need

Home-made hair serum

If you do not want o use commercially available hair serums as they contain chemicals, you can easily make a natural hair serum at home.

A good dry hair serum can be made by taking little quantities of rosewood, sandalwood and lavender oil and mixing it with a base oil such as castor or coconut oil. Use the mixed oils to massage your hair and scalp.

If you have oily hair, you can mix a little of aloe vera juice, lemon juice, shikakai, and mint and mix with coconut, almond or bhringraj oil for scalp massage, and shampoo after a while. This will give your hair a natural shine, making it easily manageable.

Other oils that can be used are grapeseed, Vitamin E oil or avocado oil depending on their availability. A paste of coffee and honey with freshly boiled water also results in a good hair serum. Apply it on your hair and wash it off with shampoo after a while.

These homemade hair serums are easy to make and totally require simple, inexpensive ingredients. Moreover, they are entirely chemical free. So instead of spending hefty bucks on store-bought, chemical loaded hair serums, why not try any of these all


If you have rough hair, a hair serum is for you. Dry hair absorbs the serum very fast and you may need a second coating. But do not over-use the product as it will make your hair greasy, nor should you use it if you have naturally shiny hair. People with oily hair should not use a serum as it will increase the oiliness.

Though there are many brands of hair serum available, select one which is suitable for your hair and gives the best results. If a serum is not giving you good results, switch to another brand or make one at home. Avoid using an unsuitable product on your hair. Use only branded products.

 Do remember that hair serums provide a cosmetic makeover for your hair. They will not you’re your hair healthier. For that you will have to follow a nourishing diet, a stress-free life, and regular lifestyles. For long-term health of your hair, read my blogs that guide you to natural way to good skin and hair health.

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