Know About Skin Whitening Treatment Procedure And Its Cost In India

Know About Skin Whitening Treatment Procedure And Its Cost In India

Many people have the desire for a bright skin. They go for skin whitening treatment which helps them get a fairer complexion. In this article I will describe the skin whitening procedure, what it consists of, and what are the things to be taken care of.

Dark skin is very beautiful and I do not advocate fair skin for all. Unfortunately today people run after fair skin. Social pressure causes many women to look for methods to lighten their skin.

Skin gets its colour from the melanin content in it. Skin whitening consists of treatments to help reduce the melanin content in the skin to so that it gives a fairer complexion. The amount of melanin present in a person’s skin is a matter of genes. The more the melanin, the more is the colour in the skin. Melanin production is affected by exposure to the sun and other factors such as skin damage. Chemicals may also trigger melanin production.

Skin whitening methods include a range of treatments not only for skin whitening but also to correct freckles, spots due to ageing or scars, moles and marks due to acne and birthmarks. People with dark tones of skin too undertake skin whitening treatments.

Common skin whitening methods consist of using creams and lotions meant for the purpose. You may also use sunscreen creams when you go out. Many types of fairness creams, bleaching creams, and face packs are available in the market. These are based on natural fruit or vegetable based ingredients. Chemical bleaching packs are also available. Laser treatment and other surgical methods are also becoming popular. These products either bleach the skin or remove the outer layer of the skin so that new skin emerges.

Fairness skin treatments

Skin whitening is usually attempted by fairness creams. If you are not happy with over-the-counter fairness products, then you need professional skin whitening treatment. Seek an appointment with a trusted dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Discuss your specific needs and ask about the alternative treatments available. Show by means of a picture the exact skin tone that you wish to achieve through the treatment. After learning about different skin treatments, you can decide what kind of treatment is best for you. Very often your skin tone may be achieved by bleaching but if your needs are not satisfied, you can opt for skin whitening surgery.

There are several skin-whitening treatments available in India. The common ones are natural or chemical peels. Several clinics offer services of facial spa and whitening services. Skin bleaches are also used, in which chemical bleaching of the skin is done. Laser therapy is another method.

Keep in mind that skin whitening surgery is complicated and painful, and requires time for recovery. The recovery time for laser treatment and chemical peeling processes is a few weeks. In the case of surgery, the recovery time is much longer.

Also, keep in mind that surgery is not advised if you have heart disease or other diseases. If your skin is tender and scars easily, avoid chemical peel treatment. Nor is it advisable for people who have really dark skin.

Both laser and chemical treatment can cause bruising, dryness, tightness, and skin irritation. Since these methods result in the appearance of new skin, you will have to look after it by using sunscreen and moisturisers so that the new and tender skin is not damaged. Wash with a mild and chemical free soap, and apply aloe vera gel or similar products for soothing the new skin. Make sure that you do not touch the areas or scratch them.

Skin Whitening Surgery Procedure

For permanent results, people go for surgery and other methods of skin whitening. These are described below.

Laser Skin Treatment: Laser, or concentrated light, is used to remove damaged skin so that a new layer emerges. The laser removes the outer layer of the skin exposing fresh and younger skin to emerge. However, since the procedure is quite painful, it is done under local anaesthesia. The procedure takes half an hour or may extend to two hours depending on the area to be completed. It takes one or two weeks for recovery. Laser treatment also has some side effects, such as swelling, irritation and bruising. The new skin must not be exposed to the sun as it will cause it to burn.

Dermabrasion: Another method of skin removal is dermabrasion. Skin abrasion is done in this method by a device that removes the top layer of the skin. This may cause wounds and bleeding. Soon the new skin emerges that is lighter and smoother. Acne, scars, wrinkles, dark spots and tattoos can be removed by this method. The recovery time is much longer – it may take 2-3 months for the skin to heal completely. Make sure that the procedure is done by a qualified and experienced surgeon or dermatologist.

Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is the use of minimal abrasion to remove the outer skin layer. It is done by using specially designed instruments that gently remove the outer layer of the skin. It is an easy and painless method and is not done using anaesthesia. Recovery time is also less.

Chemical Peels: This process uses a chemical solution to peel off the outer layer of skin. The process is not painful, though the chemicals may cause sting and irritation. The skin is also irritated, which must be treated with soothing creams.

Skin whitening treatment Cost in India

While fairness creams will not cost much, the Skin whitening treatment Cost in India for laser treatment is around Rs 30,000-60,000. Skin whitening creams, on the other hand, just cost a few hundred rupees. High end creams and lotions may cost around Rs 3000. But the results of skin whitening creams are short term and give temporary results. Laser surgery and chemical peels, though expensive, are permanent solutions.


You can maintain dark skin very well, but if you are looking for fair skin, there are several treatments available. Choose one with which you are most comfortable with. You can go for laser treatment of chemical peeling, which are permanent methods. But if you want to avoid surgery, then you can go for therapy consisting of natural ingredients. These have the advantage that they are easily available, do not cause any side effects and are relatively cheap. Natural remedies consisting of saffron and turmeric tend to reduce melanin and are thus used in skin lightening treatments. Other natural ingredients are aloe vera, lavender, and sandalwood, which also result in fair skin. You can also use home-made face packs made of sandalwood, turmeric, milk, yoghurt, honey and so on. But these natural methods must be done regularly over a long period of time to show results. Surgery gives you faster and more permanent results.

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