Glass Skin Trend and Ways To Achieve It

What Is Glass Skin Trend? How To Achieve It?

Have you noticed the latest skin craze? Some ladies are supporting a perfect, smooth and flawless skin, without any pores. The porcelain-like skin is beautiful, luminous, fairy-like, glowing, dewy and almost transparent. The effect is called ‘water glow’, ‘sheer skin’ or ‘glass skin.’ It gives a fresh, youthful look, and the skin resembles that of a newborn baby.

In this article, I will describe a Korean beauty trend called glass skin that has become very popular across the world. By following the skin care tips given here, you will get flawless skin. It is almost a craze as can be judged from the discussions on social media and the number of articles appearing worldwide. The Korean word that describes it is 'mul-gwang,' which describes the glass-like finish that is achieved through a regular beauty routine.

The surprising thing is that it does not involve the use of make-up but requires a regular skincare routine that includes double cleansing and using hydrating moisturizers. Double cleansing does not mean using traditional cleansers but using an oil-based cleanser and then washing with a traditional cleanser. Using an oil cleanser ensures that the skin is cleansed well without drying your skin. Since the oil cleanser is washed off, it does not increase the oil level on your skin but helps to remove impurities and dust.

How do you get glass skin? Follow the skin care tips given below to get flawless and glowing skin.


The first step is to double cleanse your skin using an oil based cleanser. You have to do this twice a day, both in the morning and evening. Make sure you do not use a harsh cleanser like soap or foam based face wash which will make you skin dry. Choose a mild cleanser such as a cleansing balm, oil or gel. First apply cleansing oil and then a traditional cleanser. Do this process regularly. 


For a pore-less skin, use a face pack at least once a week. Take care to choose one with mild ingredients. Apply a coat of serum. Though it is expensive, its ingredient hyaluronic acid helps to smooth the skin and achieve a good complexion. 


To get your skin glowing, you need to use a skin-rejuvenating cream that also brightens it. There are several rejuvenating creams available in the market, so choose one which you like. Using it regularly will give you the glow on your face. It will also smoothen the skin and give it radiance. 


The key to getting glass skin is to moisturize it regularly. Use a deep hydrating moisturizer and apply it liberally. Hydrating your skin regularly will also keep it young for a long time. The routine is thus not only for short term but will keep your skin healthy and young for years to come! You can also use a glow moisturizer for the purpose.


Use a face mist to prevent dryness. Carry it in your bag and keep topping it as and when needed. Choose a face mist enriched with essential minerals or one that has antioxidants. Regular use will ensure that your skin remains fresh even when you are going out.

By following the above steps, you will be able to achieve glass skin. You will get compliments for your flawless and perfect skin. As I described above, the routine does not involve makeup but targets skin health. Keeping the skin moisturized is always a good idea, but following the above routine regularly will make sure that your skin is cleansed thoroughly and moisturized and nourished daily.

Glass skin is a Korean beauty trend but is catching up in India as well. It is a method by which you can get young skin naturally without using make-up. You may if you wish wear a light foundation that gives your skin a smooth look. However, when you achieve glass skin by following a regular beauty routine that includes double cleansing and moisturising, you will not need any foundation or make-up.

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