Freckles Symptoms Causes and DIY Home Remedies

Freckles: Symptoms, Causes, and DIY Home Remedies

Some people tend to get freckles. These are light brown spots on the skin of the size of 2-4 mm. They are clusters of skin cells that the melanin pigment which causes a little discoloration. They are flat, painless and harmless. Caused by sun exposure, freckles are a result of pigment precipitation on the face and cheeks, though they may occur on other parts of the body as well. They may be caused by hereditary reasons and are common in some families. Since they do not cause any medical problems, they are not serious.

Freckles react to the UV rays that are present in sunlight. Hence they will be more prominent after exposure to sunlight. There are two types of freckles: flat red or light-brown spots that appear in summer and vanish by the winter. These are called Ephelides. The second type of freckles is called Lentigines, which are darker and small brown or black spots that even stay in winter.

Symptoms of Freckles

The symptoms of freckles are seen in dark coloured spots on the skin. Appearing on the face on or around the nose, they are more common among people with light or fair skin. Freckles are affected by exposure to sunlight but are not serious. Usually, they go away with time.

Causes of Freckles

Why do freckles appear? Genes are behind the tendency to get freckles, so if it runs in your family you are more likely to have them. Or they may occur due to a rare disorder that causes the skin to become more sensitive to ultraviolet rays in the sun. People prone to freckles should thus avoid exposure to sunlight. People with fair skin have less melanin so freckles are triggered among them due to exposure to sunlight.

Another cause of freckles is hormonal imbalance. In some people, estrogen stimulates excess pigment-producing cells that result in freckles. If the freckles do not disappear after some time, seeking the advice of a doctor is advisable who will determine the exact cause.

DIY home remedies 

Though freckles are harmless, they may cause worries to some people regarding their appearance. In this section I explain some do-it-yourself (DIY) remedies that can help in freckles. They are easy methods and require materials that are easily available. Since freckles are caused by sunlight, remember to apply a good, effective sunscreen when you go out, apart from these remedies.

Sour cream: A common remedy for freckles is sour cream. Apply to the face and leave it for some time.  Do not wash away the cream - gently wipe your face and apply a moisturizer. This will help in removing freckles.

Lemon juice: Another common remedy is lemon juice. Simply apply lemon juice on the freckles and it will help in bleaching the dark spots.

Fruit and vegetable masks:  Apply some fruit and vegetable masks made from apricots, strawberries, and cucumbers on the affected area. Regular use of face fruit packs will help you get rid of freckles permanently. Vegetable packs with parsley juice mixed with equal amounts of lemon juice, orange juice, and red currant juice can also be used. Other very helpful masks are mustard and milk solution, rubbing an onion, or using a paste of turmeric and sesame seeds. Choose any vegetable or fruit-based solution that you find comfortable or easy to use.

Sour milk: Apply sour milk or buttermilk and wash your face with it. The lactic acid in it will help remove the dead skin without irritation.

Honey:  Honey is a wonder ingredient that helps in freckles. Warm some honey and apply to the face and cheeks. After a while, wash it with warm water. If you do not have honey, make a solution of some sugar and lemon juice, which can be applied for great results.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is generally good for the skin. Applying castor oil or vitamin E on the face before going to bed will give you very good results.

Diet : For good healthy skin, remember to eat a diet containing fresh vegetables and whole grains. Your diet must contain quantities of vitamins A, B, C, and E, which contribute to glowing skin. A diet rich in milk, eggs, fresh vegetables, and fruit should be followed. Regular and healthy diet habits will give you a healthy and glowing skin. Avoiding stress will also making your skin look young.


Usually, your freckles problem will be solved by any of the above DIY remedies. If the freckles still don’t go away, you can seek laser treatment or cryosurgery to remove the dead skin cells. But these methods should be used only if the problem is very severe. Remember that freckles are harmless, so invasive procedures are best avoided. In many people, freckles actually look cute, so it is best to leave them alone as they will go away with time. If the problem is persistent, home remedies usually are very helpful.

Of course, if the freckles are bothering you and the DIY remedies do not work, you must see a doctor. Freckles are noncancerous but a doctor or dermatologist can investigate and help you with your concern. Remember that freckles are harmless and benign. Our advice: avoid the sun, follow a healthy diet and use natural remedies!

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