Explore the Wondrous Benefit of Using Curd for Healthy Hair

Did you know that a very good natural shampoo for your hair is the common Indian food, curd?

You can make your own curd by adding a spoonful of curd to milk and allowing it to set. It becomes ready in just a few hours. You can use it by itself to wash hair or in combination with other natural ingredients for soft and smooth hair. An age-old method, it has wonderful natural qualities that are unmatched by any shampoo or conditioner. Consider the following benefits of curd:

  • Curd helps fight bacteria so scalp infections can be prevented
  • It helps in controlling dandruff and scalp itch
  • It has important vitamins such as B5 and D, which help in hair growth
  • It contains fatty acids which give a natural shine to the hair without being oily
  • It has important elements like zinc and potassium

Include curd in your meals and also give your hair the curd treatment for a natural, smooth look. Above all, it does so without robbing your hair and scalp of essential oils as shampoos are likely to do. Curd is, in fact, a natural shampoo and conditioner. It helps to strengthen hair.

Curd can be used by itself to clean the hair or in combination with other ingredients. Depending on their needs, people mix olive oil, egg, vitamin E, or make a pack with hibiscus oil. A combination with lemon juice and pepper is used to fight dandruff. Mixing with amla powder and aloe vera gel is also common.

The curd is used for curing a variety of hair conditions. Some of the important ways that it can be used are briefly described here:

  • For hair loss: A paste made of curd along with besan is used for dandruff and hair loss treatments. The paste is applied at the hair roots and left for a while before washing it.
  • As a beauty treatment: Curd mixed with pepper is used as a shampoo that gives beautiful hair and also controls dandruff and stops hair fall. It is also mixed with methi powder to become a hair pack. For shiny hair, it is mixed with henna or eggs.
  • Dandruff control: Curd fights bacteria naturally. In combination with lemon, curd is an effective dandruff fighter. 

The application is simple. Put the curd or a paste made of it and other ingredients on the hair, leave it for at least fifteen minutes, and then rinse it. You do not need to use any shampoo or conditioner after that. The hair will be naturally cleansed and conditioned. 

Natural hair masks are becoming popular by the day. Curd, shikakai and amla are known and used to keep hair shiny and beautiful. The best and the cheapest method is using curd. It is easily available and can be used directly without any major preparation. It is also helpful in skin treatment and is a recommended treatment for tan and acne. We will deal with curd benefits for the skin in another article.

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