Can Hair Transplant Magically Cure Migraines?

One would do anything to save themselves from the excruciating torment of migraines. A migraine is a neurological condition which causes severely painful, recurring and continuous headaches. They can result in hindering everyday life’s functioning and causes both physical and mental agony. The side-effects of a migraine include sensitivity to light, sound, blurred vision, nausea and fatigue. Though the effects of a migraine can be decreased considerably using medications and pain-relievers, migraine itself is considered incurable.

Migraine and Hair Transplant

However, a silver lining has finally appeared. Scientists suggest that a migraine and hair transplants are linked as far as migraine cure is concerned. In a study published in the medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery–Global Open, people suffering from migraines who underwent hair transplant surgery reported none of the migraine symptoms subsequent to the treatment. 

Hair Transplant Procedure

Before understanding migraine headache treatment via hair transplants, it is important to understand what are hair transplants. They are a treatment for thinning and balding hair where the hair from one part of the scalp (donor area) are transplanted onto the balding patch. This hair loss treatment is performed via FUE or FUT technology. 

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) hair transplant treatment involves extracting hair follicles one by one using a microneedle. The circular incisions made by a microneedle considerably decreases the recovery time and makes the procedure virtually pain-free.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) hair transplant treatment involves the transplant surgeon to take a single strip of hair from the back of the head and sutures the scalp back. The hair transplant surgeon then extracts the hair follicles and transplants it onto the bald patch.

The process can be completed in a single session of 7-8 hours depending upon the number of grafts required or multiple small sessions. The hair transplant procedure results in healthy permanent hair.

Both the processes are risk-free and safe since the transplanted hair is the person’s own. There is no fear of rejection of the transplant by the body or an allergic reaction. 

Scientific Explanation

The effectiveness of hair transplant as a cure to migraines is debatable but scientists do have a possible explanation of why it cannot be ruled out. They suggest damage to nerve endings during the hair transplant procedure as a probable reason why migraines cease to exist post hair transplant procedure. While making micro-incisions during transplantation of grafts, the sensory tissues responsible for sending pain signal gets severed that make it less likely for neurotransmitters to get triggered to unnecessary pain. After the healing and recovery process, an altered blood flow improves neurotransmitter triggers.

A win-win situation

Though more research is required to confirm this theory, you can opt for hair transplant surgery if migraines have completely destroyed your life. Not only do you open the possibilities of living a migraine-free life, but you will also end up with healthy and voluminous hair. Contact a trichologist and fix an appointment for a free consultation to know more about the procedure and the cost estimation.

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