Blackhead Woes- Causes, Prevention And Home Remedies

Every grandmother’s handbook of home remedies will surely contain at least 5 solutions to removing blackheads. These are the clogged hair follicles filled with dirt, sebum, and debris that cause bumpy and textured skin. Pinching your nose to remove blackheads might be the first image that comes to your mind while thinking about blackheads. But the nose is not the only place of attack for these blackheads. They can appear anywhere on the skin. It is common to find blackheads on the back, stomach or thighs as well.

Blackheads can be caused by a variety of reasons. Oily and dirty skin due to pollution, sweat or make-up clogs the skin pores. When these pores get plugged, dead skin cell in the pores reacts with oxygen and turns black. This causes the skin to look spotty and ugly. The pores become large and look embarrassing. It is important to prevent any blackheads beforehand to maintain a flawless skin.

Prevention is always better than cure. Follow these simple everyday practices to have soft smooth skin:
1. CLEANLINESS: The skin, especially your face, should be washed properly. Any material touching your skin including clothes, pillows, bed sheets, towels, etc should be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
2. EXFOLIATE: Skin should be scrubbed regularly to clean your pores and remove all the dead skin cells and dirt collected in your body over time. You can use either a homemade scrub or purchase one from the market if you do not want to be involved in the hassles of homemade remedies.
3. OVERWASH: Conscious people tend to over wash their face in the bid to stay away from face and skin problems. On the contrary, overwashing leads to the stripping of the body’s natural oils causing the skin to go in a high alert zone. The skin starts producing excess oil in order to compensate for it which causes blackheads.
4. MAKEUP: make-up lovers should make sure to remove all the make-up using a make-up remover. Sleeping with makeup leads to clogged pores and eventually a problematic blackhead-prone skin
5. MOISTURISE: Moisturise the face to make the skin healthy and nourished. Skin hydration helps prevent blackheads.

Similar to popping pimples, popping blackheads is also not a good way to treat blackheads. Fortunately, grandma’s basket of tricks does come to rescue for the blackhead-prone skin. Here are some home remedies that you can do yourself (DIY’s) at home:

STEAM: Keep your face over a bowl filled with hot water for 10 minutes. The steam will help open and clean your pores. A clinical blackhead removal tool can also be used. If you want you can scrub your face afterward. Wash your face with cold water in the end to close your pores.
BAKING SODA: Mix baking soda with a few drops of water. Apply this paste on the affected area and gently massage. Remove after 2 minutes. Have a baking soda bath to treat problem area on back thigh and face.
TOMATOES: Mash a tomato to form tomato pulp and apply on your face at night. Wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning. This DIY blackhead removal mask will help remove excess oil and clean the dirt in the pores.
SUGAR SCRUB: Make a homemade scrub using lemon, honey, and sugar for effective exfoliation. You can also add sugar with a little sesame or olive oil to do the same.
FULLER’S EARTH: The age-old ‘multani mitti’ never fails to disappoint. Add fullers earth to some drop of water or rose water to make a paste. Apply this paste and let it dry. This blackhead removal mask will clean the pores and shrink open pores.

If you find home remedies too cumbersome, try a charcoal blackhead removing the mask. It is proven to be very effective but keep in mind, the mask should not be used on sensitive skin. The charcoal mask deeply cleans the pores. The peeling off of the mask can be quite painful for some as the mask also rips off baby hair and dead skin along with blackheads.

For extremely severe and tough blackheads, contact a dermatologist who will prescribe special creams or treatments to fix your blackhead woes.

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