Beautiful Brides Deserve Beautiful Hair

So your big day is arriving soon. 

You will become a bride and everybody will be looking at you sighing how beautiful you look. It will be your day and you want to cherish it forever.

No doubt you want to look good and feel beautiful. You will be the center of everybody’s attention and get compliments that last a lifetime. After all, becoming a bride is the dream of every girl, a day when you feel special – like a fairy in the clouds.

The last thing you want on your special day is unmanageable or uncomfortable hair. To look and feel special, you must think about your hair care a few months before the event – don’t leave it to the stylists for the last moment. Give a thought to how you want to look by deciding the following things beforehand:

  • Hairstyle: Decide about your looks beforehand and decide about a hairstyle that you want to support on your wedding day. You know what kind of hair styling best suits you, so stick with a style that you are familiar with. Don’t leave it entirely to the stylist.
  • Hair color: If you want to use hair color, have it done some days before the wedding day. This will ensure that you have a natural look and hide the roots. Have your hair trimmed and shaped a few days before the event.
  • Beauty products: Tell your stylist about any products that you are allergic to or which do not suit you in some other way. Insist on using products that you have used before because your special day is not a day of trials or experimentation. Go for a trial make-up some days before the event to select what products and shades that you want used.

Planning these things in advance will help you relax. You must have so many things on your mind that your beauty regime should be the last thing to worry you. So enjoy the wedding preparations and enjoy yourself once you have had your trials done. Follow the advice of your stylists. 

Apart from these tips, follow the general hair care tips that we have been giving in our blogs.

In these blogs you will find exclusive methods of hair care. For example, we have always been stressing the natural way of getting good skin and beautiful hair. Maintain a nourishing, healthy and protein rich diet so that it reflects on your looks. Avoid excessive chemical treatments that may harm your skin and hair. 

Some important points to remember are to eat well: include green vegetables in your diet, fruit, beans, milk, and Omega 3 rich foods in your diet. Avoid fast foods. You might have to go out often to do shopping for the wedding, and if you do, protect your skin. Cover your face and use a sunscreen so that your skin does not get tanned. Keep your skin moisturized and drink plenty of water. Follow your usual beauty regimen.

It is your big day and we want it to be very special for you. A trial will ensure that nothing wrong happens on that day. Just sit back, enjoy the wedding and meet the guests who will no doubt only have compliments for you!

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