8 Easy Hair Care Tricks for Girls

You are young. You are beautiful. And you have luxurious, shiny hair that adds to your beauty. You like it styled in different ways – sometimes falling carelessly on your face, sometimes formally braided, and sometimes in a cute ponytail.

I am sure you would like to keep it that way. But there are times when your hair is rough and unmanageable. Or you will experience hair fall or other scalp conditions. In this article, I will explain easy hair care tricks that girls can use to maintain their hair beauty. Following these regularly will help you to keep your hair young and beautiful, and delay the effects of aging. These hair care tricks can be easily followed and require no elaborate products.


1. Keep it clean!

The foremost important thing is to keep your hair clean. Clean hair, which smells good, not only looks nice but gives confidence to girls. However, this does not mean that you have to shampoo every day. Stick to your routine of using shampoo twice a week. Use a mild shampoo with natural ingredients. An important tip is to use lukewarm or cool water. Hot water causes dryness and damages the hair. Washing your hair with lukewarm or cool water helps retain moisture and contributes to healthy scalp.

Another important trick is to dilute the shampoo. Excess shampoo washes away natural oils from the scalp. A good idea is to dilute the shampoo in a little water and use it to wash the hair. Further, do not rub your head vigorously while shampooing. Make sure that you gently massage your scalp with your fingers in small, circular motions. This will prevent tangling and damage.


2. Oil is your hair’s best friend 

Overnight oiling of hair before shampooing has always been recommended for hair health. Use coconut, olive, almond or any other ayurvedic hair oil preparation for best results. Remember to massage deeply and properly. Leave it for sometime before washing your hair. A good, natural oil will keep your hair shiny and healthy.


3. Avoid vigorous drying

Rubbing the towel on your hair after washing will damage it. There will be pull on your hair resulting in stress and breakage. Use a soft towel and wrap it on your hair after a shower. Let the moisture get absorbed slowly. Do not blow dry, because the hot air blow dryers will damage your hair. Instead, let your damp hair dry naturally. If you do have to use a hairdryer, use it only when the hair is partially dry.


4. Brush Gently

Girls love to keep their hair smooth by brushing it. But they tend to over-brush their hair to keep it from tangling. To untangle your hair always use a wide-toothed comb. Never use a round brush or metal brush but a gentle brush. Excessive brushing will damage the hair and cause unnecessary stress to it.


5. Use different styles!

For girls, their hair is a natural ally to look beautiful. Try different styles: use curls to have the hair fall carelessly on your shoulders. Tie it in a ponytail for a cute and casual look. Use a loose rubber band to keep your unruly hair under control. Make a bun for a formal look. Streak your hair with colours that suit your skin. Using different styles will make you look hep and fashionable. Don’t hesitate to try out new styles!


6. Protect Your Hair from the Elements

An important point is to protect your hair from the sun and the dust. Cover your head every time you go outdoors. Girls can wear a fashionable hat or scarf which will protect your hair and add to your looks. Try not to go out with oily or wet hair. Tie up your hair when you go out.


7. Use Natural Treatments 

Girls are very fond of cosmetics. Do not keep trying new products. As far as possible, use products with natural ingredients. You can also use common household things like curd and lemon juice for your hair care. Many Indian herbs are easily available that are very helpful in hair care.


8. Eat a well-balanced diet!

An easy way to have healthy and good looking hair is to eat a well-balanced diet. Avoid too many fast foods. Eat green vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Since hair is dependent on what foods you eat, make sure you eat foods rich in protein and essential vitamins.



We are sure you love your hair. Do ensure that your beautiful hair stays that way. You can follow the above easy hair tricks to maintain your hair. These tricks do not take much effort but can be done comfortably. If you follow these good habits, your hair will stay young and shiny for a long time to come.

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