6 Most Prevailing Myths About Hair Transplantation

Hair transplants are not much of a bother these days, thanks to advancements in medical science. Much research has gone into hair transplants. This has gained huge growth in the past few years and now the latest technology – the FUE and FUT – offer a very satisfactory service to sufferers of hair loss around the world. Thankfully, the latest methods are available at our Hair Transplant Clinics in Delhi.

Using the latest technology and techniques you can get the FUE Hair Transplant Service in Delhi. It is now possible to reverse the symptoms of baldness and hair loss by opting for the latest and advanced hair treatment techniques such as the FUE which does not leave scars. These services are now available around the world and are safe procedures. In this article, we clear your doubts and break myths surrounding modern hair transplant methods.

Here we are going to discuss 6most common myths and facts related to hair transplantation.

Myth 1: It is Unsafe:

Modern hair transplant methods are 100% safe. Using the latest technique of micro surgery, hair follicles are removed carefully and replanted on the balding area. Note that there are five layers of skin on scalp area and during hair transplantation, the doctor works only on the top single layer. You can book a consultation with qualified medical health professionals at our hair transplant clinics in Delhi to clear all your doubts before starting the treatment.

Myth 2: It is Painful:

Hair transplants are also carried under local anaesthesia. You may feel a little sensation, but it does not cause any major pain during the surgery. Some people suffer mild irritation or redness that fades away automatically within a few hours. Since no major incisions are made under the FUE technique, the pain is also minimal. In any case, our well-trained staff is always available at the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi for any help and advice.

Myth 3: It is not for Older People:

The fact is that hair treatment technique has nothing to do with the age of the person. It can be safely carried on people between the age group of 20 to 70. However, the best patients for hair transplant surgery are between 30 and 50 age groups. Older patients too can benefit from hair transplants!

Myth 4: It is For Men Only:

Both men and women lose hair. Many people believe in the common misconception that these procedures are for men only. But the fact is that it doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, it is possible to get fine and thick hair quality with transplantation procedures. Although the baldness patterns in ladies and gents are totally different, the professionals know the exact techniques to execute such surgeries.



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Myth 5: Transplanted Hair has short life:

Many people believe that the restored hair falls off with time. But this is not true. While some hair loss may be there in transplanted hair, the method ensures fuller and thicker appearance for more than 12 months with ease. You can contact professionals for hair transplant in Delhi to get best results.

Myth 6: It is very expensive

Many people believe that these methods are only for celebrities and therefore must be very expensive. Fortunately, hair transplants can be obtained at Affordable Hair Transplant Clinics in Delhi. They suit all budgets and anybody can get their looks back with minimum effort! Seek an appointment with experts at the FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi to see how easy it is!

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