We understand the significance of hair and also the side effects of normally accepted hair treatment methods. Hence we relentlessly try to bring up something new and better. Research and technology in hair transplantation surgery have certainly come a long way. This has not only improved the productivity and results of hair treatment but also has eased and modernized the transplantation procedures tremendously. PRP is one such boon of technology which has emerged as an effective and efficient means of hair transplantation.


It is an acronym for Platelet rich plasma wherein the hair growth is not driven by artificial factors. The blood of the patient is centrifuged so as to collect the plasma with platelets in the tube. This plasma of the patient is rich in platelets which again act as a stimulating factor in regeneration and healing of tissues. This plasma is injected into the scalp of the patient and completely spread across using derma roller treatment. This therapy is state of art technology as your own body is reactive to the platelets and thus reflects quick results.


It basically requires around seven to nine sittings and the patient may have to continue the boosting medication depending upon the reaction of body after injections. The growth factors in the blood cells do the job of hair stimulation after injections.


The speciality of this therapy is that it works both for men and women. The texture of hair is different in both the genders and thus doctors had to invest in two different techniques to meet the needs. But with this technique it is possible to meet the requirements of both men and women. But one limitation of this therapy is that people who have lost all of their hair and have become bald cannot be guaranteed with results.


  •  PRP Therapy is completely non-surgical as it involves mere injection of your own plasma rich platelets to stimulate hair growth.
  •  Just like the disclaimer on any juice packs; PRP is also doesn't contain any artificial or added preservatives.
  •  Till now you must have judged that it is safe and reliable without any chance of side effects as no outside element has entered into your body. The recovery period is very quick as you will start seeing the results after half treatment is over.
  •  Unlike other treatments, it will help you in regaining the hairs of original texture and volume. Since the input is your own blood it won't grow too many hairs giving an artificial look.

Technology has identified very natural and innovative method for quality hair restoration and we at Kabera global help you in meeting nothing but the best doctors who can reliably carry out this therapy!